Green Spaces

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The UMD campus has 55 acres of amazing green space and nature areas.  The Bagley Nature Center offers unbeatable trails for outdoor recreation during every season. Caring for the green spaces at UMD helps to preserve the quality of the landscape and reduce the impact of stormwater runoff.  Removing weeds, managing invasive species, and stabilizing trails are all methods Facilities Management uses to preserve the natural landscape of campus.  Green spaces also provide a unique opportunity to appreciate the outdoors.

UMD also has an extensive Alternative Landscape Program. Sod is a high maintenance and water intensive method for landscaping. Many alternative plantings are native plants that typically require less maintenance and watering. In addition, UMD’s Alternative Landscaping includes the Edible Landscape Project, growing food for various reasons around campus.

All waste landscaping materials from campus are composted on the UMD Field and Research Studies property. This includes brush and limbs, which are chipped and spread onto flower gardens and trails. Any soil that is removed for projects is brought to UMD farm and reused. Grass clippings are also mulched and reused.