A great alternative to driving a car is taking the bus. Duluth has a fantastic bus network that is very accessible to students, faculty, and staff through the U-Pass Program. UMD Kirby Plaza Bus Hub is a major transit center for the Duluth Transit Authority (DTA). Many DTA bus routes frequent the area including Mainline 6, 11, 11K, 11M, 12, 13, 13U, and 18. Kirby Bus Hub offers a climate-controlled waiting area for bus passengers. Intercity service is also available from Jefferson Lines.

U-Pass Program

The U-Pass Program is an innovative partnership between UMD and the Duluth Transit Authority to encourage use of public transportation at UMD. Unlimited, free rides are provided to UMD students anytime, anywhere around the Twin Ports area. The program was designed to reduce on-campus traffic and eleviate congestion in campus parking areas. Just get on the bus and swipe your U-Card. In spring 2013, the 6 millionth rider rode the DTA while using U-Pass.

NEW:  Faculty and staff at UMD can purchase a DTA bus pass for the 2015-2016 academic year for only $50.

What are the impacts of the U-Pass program on campus emissions?

Through student, faculty, and staff use of the U-Pass program in 2011, UMD successfully prevented 349 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) equivalent emissions. An amount equal to 39,258 gallons of gasoline or the amount of carbon sequestered annually by 79.3 acres of pine or fir forests. Other equivalencies can be seen using the EPA emissions calculator at the EPA website. In addition to the ecologically friendly benefits already mentioned, the   DTA is also involved in other energy conservation practices, such as hybrid buses and bio-diesels. Watch the DTA video for more information on their sustainable initiatives.

DTA Bike and Bus Service

DTA busses are all equipped with bike racks on the front. This is especially helpful in Duluth with the large hills. There is no additional charge to transport a bike on a DTA bus.

Click here for a quick HOW-TO video on loading your bike on the DTA bus racks!

For more information, visit the DTA’s website.

Intercity Bus

Jefferson Lines also runs a daily bus service that leaves from the Kirby Student Center and goes to the Twin Cities and other locations. Tickets can be purchased at UMD Stores.