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Small changes by the thousands of people who work, study, or visit on our campus can reduce waste in big ways.  Here are some examples of waste reduction initiatives at UMD.

  • Staff who work in the Darland Administration Building have eliminated desk-side trash bins and replaced them with recycle bins.  This has helped raise awareness of trash and encouraged recycling efforts.  In fact, a trash audit revealed that the Desk-side trash elimination reduced the total weight of landfilled waste by nearly 20%.  The proportion of recyclables found in the trash was also reduced, from 29% to 15%!
  • UMD Dining Services Sustainability efforts involve reducing food and packaging waste. In the Dining Center, waste is reduced by careful meal planning, purchasing, serving, and waste management.  Trayless Dining also discourages food waste.

You can help reduce waste too!

  • Bring Your Own Bag:  UMD Stores is also working on recycling and reducing waste. UMD stores has a program where customers can donate a wooden nickel to their favorite cause, simply for using a reusable bag. The 3 causes are Safe Haven Shelter for Battered Women, UMD Office of Sustainability, and the COMPASS after school program at the YMCA.
  • Bring Your Own Mug:  The Northern Shores Coffee Shop offers a small discount to patrons bringing a reusable mug, which helps to cut their costs and waste produced. If you forget to bring your reusable mug to campus, coffee cups bought on campus, except those from vending machines, are compostable and collected outside the Northern Shores Coffee Shop. After collection, these cups are sent along with food scraps from the Dining Center to the WLSSD composting facilities.
  • Bring Your Own Bottle: When drinking fountains need to be replaced on the UMD campus, they aren’t replaced by the same old model. New fountains, the EZH2O, on campus include a water bottle filling spout and a sensor for hands free operation. A display, known as a “green ticker,” keeps track of how much water the unit uses and displays how many water bottles were saved by the unit.  The Hydration Station Locations are found across campus.