Greetings MSW Students! This on-line technology course is designed to help you learn a few of the things you will need to know as a student in the UMD MSW program. Each of the modules listed at the left will guide you through some exercises that will enable you to determine if you have the hardware, software and "where-with-all" needed to embark on your MSW program.

While our program is not an "on-line" MSW, you will need to learn a few bits of technology to successfully complete the program.

All students will need to be able to do the following by the time they complete this no credit on-line technology course:

  • read their UMD e-mail
  • open an e-mail attachment
  • send an e-mail attachment
  • access an electronic reserve reading from the UMD Library
  • search the UMD electronic database
  • determine if they have the most recent version of various browsers and successfully download and install updated versions
  • install Adobe Acrobat Reader (if they do not already have it)
  • install needed software
  • be aware of UMD and Department of Social Work on-line resources and how to get assistance
  • use their computer for coursework with minimal anxiety

revised 3/31/10