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Yoshikawa, H. & Kholoptseva, J. (2013). Unauthorized Immigrant Parents and Their Children's Development: A Summary of the Evidence. Available from Foundation for Child Development. Available at

Abstract: According to recent estimates, 5.5 million children in the United States--all but 1 million of them US-born--reside with at least one unauthorized immigrant parent. Given that they constitute about 8 percent of all US children, their well-being holds important implications for US society. Emerging research suggests that having an unauthorized immigrant parent is associated with lower cognitive skills in early childhood, lower levels of general positive development in middle childhood, higher levels of anxiety and depressive symptoms during adolescence, and fewer years of schooling. This report, co-authored by the Academic Dean of Harvard Graduate School of Education, explores the research and suggests policies and programs to reduce or mitigate these developmental risks. (Author abstract)

Available from: Foundation for Child Development 
145 East 32nd Street 
14th Floor 
New York, NY 10016

Phillips, S. D., Cervantes, W., Lincroft, Y., Dettlaff, A. J., & Bruce, L. (2013). Children in harms way: Criminal justice, immigration enforcement, and child welfare.

Abstract: This publication explains how children are harmed when the criminal justice, immigration enforcement, and child welfare systems converge in a parent's life. It is a compilation of articles written by leading scholars, policy analysts, and practitioners from a variety of disciplines. It is an essential primer explaining the principles and mechanics of current harmful policies that will help readers understand what is at stake for children in the unfolding discussions on immigration reform.



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