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Cultural Competence Assessments


El Paso County Colorado Greenbook Initiative

                               Toolkit The Cultural Competency Organizational Self-Assessment Toolkit has assessment tools, communication materials, implementation tools, and more. Within the toolkit is the Consumer Survey, Document Review, Facilities Checklist, and Staff Survey
              Consumer Survey OCCA (Organizational Cultural Competence Assessment)
              Document Review OCCA
             Facilities Checklist OCCA
                      Staff Survey OCCA


The American Speech-Language Hearing Association

Cultural Competence Checklists
Cultural Competence Checklists
             Service Delivery
Cultural Competence Checklists


The National Center for Cultural Competence

The NCCC website has resources for self assessments.

Policy Assessment

The Cultural and Linguistic Competence Policy Assessment.
This is a guide to the Policy Assessment. It has definitions, key concepts, and phases that describe the steps to completing the Policy Assessment.
The CLCPA Self-Assessment Checklist for Personnel Providing Services and Supports in Early Intervention and Early Childhood Settings.
The CLCPA Self-Assessment Checklist for Personnel Providing Behavioral Health Services and Supports to Children, Youth, and their Families.
A tool to help meeting and conference planners incorporate content and themes related to cultural and linguistic competence.


More Assessments

Provided by the Minnesota Department of Human Services, it's a self-assessment for you to fill out on your own organization.
Conducting a Cultural Competence Self-Assessment is an assessment tool for healthcare organizations.
This is instructions for assessment of Organizational Cultural Competence. Includes an assessment tool.
This website has a link to the Cultural Competency Organizational Self-Assessment Question Bank. There's a variety of assessments to choose from and instructions for how to complete it.
The journal article The Gay Affirmative Practice Scale provides a guideline for beliefs when working with gay and lesbian clients in a social work setting. In the appendix there is a scale for assessing practitioners beliefs about gay and lesbian clients.


Additional Tools and Guides

Best Practices for Asking Questions about Sexual Orientation on Surveys is a report presenting on several years of findings. Includes example survey questions and discussions.
The Hiring for Cultural Competency Toolkit is used by Ramsey County PHHS and has example questions to ask during interviews for potential employees.
The Guidelines for Culturally Competent Organizations is a comprehensive tool/guideline provided by the Minnesota Department of Human Services to assist organizations.
A comprehensive bibliography with three sections.


Cultural Competency Websites and Information

The Providers Guide to Quality and Culture assists health care organizations in providing high quality, culturally competent services to multi-ethnic populations. It includes information and videos on cultural groups and links to assessments.

The Hogg Foundation for Mental Health is about the 3-year initiative to improve mental health services for populations of color in Texas. Includes featured stories, news releases, and benefits of evidence-based practice.



The AETC National Resource Center provides a comprehensive list of links regarding cultural competence, including manuals, trainings, reports, self-study materials, and more.
The Health Resources and Services Administration is designed to improve individual and community health. Health care providers need to recognize and address the unique culture, language, and health literacy of diverse consumers and communities.
The Cross Cultural Health Care Program provides information about cultural competency, and cultural competency training and consultation.


Related Articles

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