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Child Welfare Scholars Program

Welcome to the Child Welfare Scholars Program! For further information about the program please contact:

Jensina Rosen, MSW
Child Welfare Scholars Coordinator

Mission of Child Welfare Scholars Program

The Mission of the University of Minnesota Duluth's Child Welfare Scholars Program is to promote the development of advanced generalist social workers, practitioners, and leaders who are committed to pursuing culturally competent practice as they serve at-risk children and their families through county and tribal agencies, focusing on Northern Minnesota. The Title IV-E Child Welfare Education Program funds the majority of the Child Welfare Scholars Program.

Goals of Child Welfare Scholars Program

  • Reach out to practitioners in county and tribal child welfare agencies; recruit them to return to school and obtain an MSW.
  • Encourage others entering the MSW program to commit to beginning a career in public or tribal child welfare.
  • Encourage and support American Indians and other people of color to obtain their MSW and to pursue a career in child welfare.

The program achieves these goals by:

  • Selecting qualified students who are committed to pursuing a career in public child welfare.
  • Providing Child Welfare Scholars a stipend of up to $5,000 per semester that can be applied toward expenses incurred during their MSW education.
  • Providing specialized curriculum and coursework in Child Welfare.
  • Providing professional development opportunities through workshops and conferences.
  • Facilitating opportunities to develop cultural competence.

Child Welfare Scholar Obligations:

Students must be recommended for admission to the MSW program at UMD before they can apply to the Child Welfare Scholars Program. If they are accepted to the Scholars Program and receive a financial stipend, scholars are bound to the following:

  • After graduation, scholars must seek and accept employment in a public child welfare setting for a period of time equivalent to the months they received a stipend.
  • Scholars must do at least one field placement in a qualifying public or tribal child welfare setting.
  • Scholars must complete curriculum requirements specific to child welfare practice.
  • Child Welfare Scholars must meet specific child welfare requirements in their MSW ePortfolio.
  • Scholars must provide the Center with documentation of their job search and service.
  • Scholars must complete MSW degree and employment search obligations or they must repay the amount of money received from stipends.

Other Resources:

UMD Social Work Department

220 Bohannon Hall
1207 Ordean Court
Duluth, MN 55812

(218) 726-8497
1 (888) 534-9734

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