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Information for Prospective MSW Child Welfare and ICWA Scholars

Applications for the BSW Child Welfare Scholars Program can be found HERE


Applications for 2016-17 academic year will open soon.


**New for 2016-2017: ICWA Scholars Program will accept part-time students!

Advanced students will be admitted on a part-time basis for the 2016-2017 cohort(finishing in two years).

The MSW Child Welfare Scholars Program provides students with financial stipends and educational resources to become advanced child welfare practitioners. Child Welfare Scholars agree to complete advanced child welfare curricula, which includes specialized coursework and completing their internship(s) in a child welfare setting. Additionally, Scholars receive the opportunity to complete professional education hours, providing Scholars with additional avenues to enhance and reinforce classroom curriculum, as well as providing professional development resources for continued career-long learning. Upon exiting the program, Scholars agree to seek and maintain public or tribal child welfare employment for a time period equivalent to the length of time they received Title IV-E funds. al child welfare employment for a time period equivalent to the length of time they received Title IV-E funds. In return, MSW Child Welfare Scholars receive up to $11,000 per academic year to assist with the cost of tuition and fees.

All Child Welfare Scholars are expected to:
  • Sign a Memorandum of Agreement and complete the programmatic expectations of the Child Welfare Scholars Program for which they are accepted.
  • After graduation, Scholars must seek and accept employment in a public child welfare setting for a period of time equivalent to the months they received a stipend.
  • Scholars must complete at least one field placement in a qualifying public or tribal child welfare setting.
  • Scholars must complete curriculum requirements specific to child welfare practice.
  • Scholars must provide the Center with documentation of their job search and service.
  • Scholars must complete degree and employment search obligations or they must repay the amount of money received from stipends.

Students selected for the new ICWA Scholars Program will follow the same requirements of the Child Welfare Scholars Program (and be considered a Child Welfare Scholar), but will also be expected to attend all events related to ICWA Scholars Program. In return, MSW ICWA Scholars receive $18,000, plus a summer stipend, to assist with the cost of tuition and fees. ICWA Scholars will also be required to:

    • Complete a field placement in the St. Louis County ICWA Unit or with a regional tribal child welfare agency
    • Take SW 5095: Trauma Informed Practice for Children and Adolescents
    • Must be available to complete the 307C Bridging Our Understanding Training offered through DHS (requires offsite training)
    • Have opportunities to shadow QUICWA Court Monitors through the QUICWA Court Monitoring Project
    • Sign a Memorandum of Agreement and abide by all employment obligations as one would normally via the Child Welfare Scholars Program.


1. Review the document “Child Welfare Defined” to ensure you have a clear understanding of the field of child welfare for the purposes of this program.

2. Watch the “Realistic Job Preview of Kansas Child Welfare”. Note—you will need to view this video to complete the essay portion of the application.    

3.  If after reviewing the document and video, you are still interested in becoming a child welfare scholar, please do the following:

Complete the 2015-2016 Child Welfare Scholars/ICWA Scholars Program Application:


2015-2016 CWS/ICWA Program Application (DOWNLOAD)


If you are applying to the ICWA Scholars Program, please answer the additional section of questions pertaining to the ICWA Scholars Program. If you are not applying to the ICWA Scholars Program, you may skip that section.

This is a PDF application and requires Adobe Reader to complete. A free download of Adobe Reader is located here. Areas highlighted in red on the application are required for all applicants. It is highly suggested you use Mozilla Firefox as a web browser during this application process.

4. Send your completed application and resume electronically to: Dawn Eckdahl at Applicants who do not submit materials electronically or in the proper format (see application for detailed directions) will have materials returned.

5. DEADLINES for Child Welfare Scholars and ICWA Scholars Programs


***** Note:  You may apply to the ICWA Scholars or Child Welfare Scholars Program even if you are still pending acceptance to the MSW Program or the Graduate School. ******


Priority deadline for 2016-2017 academic year is Friday, March 4, 2016.   


Applications will continue to be accepted through April 2016.


Applications for the MSW Program are due January 7, 2016.


6. If you have questions during the application process, please contact Dawn Eckdahl at or 218-726-7497.




UMD Social Work Department

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1207 Ordean Court
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(218) 726-8497
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