Department of Social Work


Denny Falk

Dr. Dennis Falk
Distinguished Teaching Professor of Social Work
Special Project Associate for Strategic Planning in the Chancellor’s Office
Ph.D. University of Minnesota
Phone: 726-8862
Office: BOHH 212

Web Page:

Dennis Falk teaches courses on research and human behavior in the Masters of Social Work Program and offers undergraduate courses on global issues. In addition, Denny is currently working part-time on strategic planning projects as a Special Project Associate in the Chancellor's Office. His current research interests involve educating globally competent citizens, and he has edited a book-length monograph and helped create a national blended learning course and ebook related to this interest. Denny has also completed over twenty program evaluation projects in the community. He will be teaching in the UMD Study in England Program during Spring 2013.


UMD Social Work Department

220 Bohannon Hall
1207 Ordean Court
Duluth, MN 55812

(218) 726-8497
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