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Dr. Janet Haynes
Assistant Professor
Ph.D.  McGill University
Phone: 218-726-8517
Office: BOHH 216


Janet’s doctoral study, which utilized qualitative research methods, and an antiracist Black feminist framework, examined the impact of intersecting barriers such as race and class on the educational experiences of Black High School students in Ottawa’s (Canada’s capital City Region) educational system. The study was warranted, given today’s politically correct and contradictory language usage of terms such as equity, social justice, cultural competence, inclusion, antiracism and equality. The aim of her study was to examine the degree to which social class and race impacted students’ educational experiences to produce unequal educational outcomes.  The study also illuminated the ways in which zero tolerance measures were invoked in the disciplining of Black youths, particularly, working-class males, which often resulted in suspensions, expulsions and/or their criminalization. 

Janet is a strong advocate in child welfare and educational policies that ignore or do not address the specificities and subtleties of racism and cultural differences, which result in unequal and differential treatment of racialized individuals.  To this end, her current research interest focuses on the social, educational, economic and cultural barriers facing racialized women and young men.  Her other areas of interest relate to the lack of Black female academics in areas of education and social work, and its impact on the creation of knowledge and maintenance of the status quo.

As her philosophical guiding principle, Dr. Haynes states: “My professional and teaching philosophy centers on a feminist analysis and incorporates an anti-racist/anti-oppressive model of practice.  This critical analysis has enabled me to work across many different social realities, cultures, and races, between various governmental, educational, social and community based organizations. My personal teaching philosophy centers on the belief that my ability to teach from the margins challenges students to think outside the box by pushing the boundaries of their comfort zone in order to challenge traditional ways of knowing. ” 

Dr. Haynes received the Drum Major for Peace Award from the Duluth Chapter of the NAACP. This award was presented to Dr. Haynes as part of the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Celebration which was held at the DECC in Duluth on Jan 17, 2011.


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