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    The UMD Department of Social Work has prepared fine MSW clinical social workers for over 20 years, with many of these individuals serving as leaders in clinical practice in Northern Minnesota and Northern Wisconsin.  Our Advanced Generalist Program has been effective in preparing clinicians though training students to not only work with individuals and families in clinical settings, but also with organizations and neighborhoods/communities affecting these clients' lives.

    We currently provide the academic course content required for students to qualify for the Minnesota "Licensed Independent  Clinical Social Work" (LICSW) license. Before taking the LICSW written examination, students need to have completed:

    • MSW coursework containing a total of at least 360 hours in five clinical content areas (e.g. diagnosis and assessment),
    • Had at least 4000 hours of post-MSW supervised clinical supervision,
    • And--as part of their Licensed Graduate Social Worker licensure--completed at least 40 hours of post-MSW continuing education training.

    Students in our Advanced Standing program interested in clinical practice have invariably completed more than the minimum 270 hours of clinical content while here (with most Advanced Standing students completing far more than this); and these students have been able to complete their remaining 90 or less hours of clinical training through post-MSW community continuing education such as workshops, conferences and trainings.  Students in our Standard program have generally completed all of the 360 hours of clinical content in our program.

    UMD MSW Program forms for documenting clinical content hours:
    Minnesota Board of Social Work Minnesota Board of Social Work "A  Student's Guide to Licensing in Minnesota" A Handbook for Students

    Minnesota Board of Social Work Professional Licensure Responsibilities (PowerPoint  April 2013) Clinical Content Requirements for Students in MSW Programs (MN LICSW Licensure)

    Minnesota Board of Social Work Fact Sheets: ACSWA, the American Clinical Social Work Association,the new on-line home of the clinical social work profession, offers ACSWA student membership for $15 per year, which includes the cost of professional liability insurance for field placements. For more information and to sign up for membership click here

    Supervision Content Hours in UMD's MSW Program

    • Standard Program supervision hours = 18 hours total
      • 4 Hours - SW 8112 Organization and Community Practice I
      • 3 Hours - SW 8801 Field I
      • 8 Hours - SW 8331 Organization and Community Practice II
      • 3 Hours - SW 8802 Field II
    • Advanced Standing Program Supervision Hours = 11 hours total
      • 8 Hours - SW 8331 Organization and Community Practice II
      • 3 Hours - SW 8802 Field II

UMD Social Work Department

220 Bohannon Hall
1207 Ordean Court
Duluth, MN 55812

(218) 726-8497
1 (888) 534-9734

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