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#152. Wahsatch Range - From Salt Lake City - Utah.   4.5 x 8.5, chromolithograph. Title on plate. This picture is Plate XXII in Clarence King's Systematic Geology, published in 1878. It is based on a sketch by Gilbert Munger, who was guest artist with King's 40th Parallel Geological Survey in 1869 and 1870. A smaller version of this image appears as the color plate "Das Wahsatchgebirge in Utah (Nordamerika)" in Allgemeine Geologie by Melchior Neumayr (1845 - 1890), published as volumes 1 and 2 of Erdgeschichte in Leipzig in 1886. David Ericson of David Ericson Fine Art in Salt Lake City identifies the left-most brown mountain as Mt. Olympus, the rightmost snowcapped mountain as Lone Peak, and the river as the Jordan. Similar in view to painting #221. (See the discussion of the Wasatch paintings here for more details.) Image is a direct scan of the Systematic Geology plate.

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