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#241. Waterfalls - an Oval Pair.   21 x 18, oil on canvas relined. "Munger" lower right on one painting, somewhat indistinct. This pair of paintings is on identical oval stretchers. One of the pair is signed indistinctly (below left). Alfred Harrison of North Point Gallery, San Francisco, points out that it was common practice to sign only one when a pair was intended by the artist to stay together.


The stretcher on one shows what is probably the title in pencil (above right), although this to is hard to decipher. It may say "Cauldron Falls", or "Caldron Falls". The topography looks to me to be America. The current conjecture is that these are early works by Munger showing either one waterfall from two slightly different vantage points or showing two similar falls. Any information that readers can provide would be appreciated. The paintings appeared in a Virginia estate in 2005 where they were discovered and bought by the dealer Donald. P. Williams. Later in 2005 he sold them to a Bethesda MD collector. They subsequently have been restored and reframed as shown here. The restorer reported that the strainers were French and that the tiny humans in the paintings were wearing costumer that appear to be 19th C. European or Scottish. Image from owner's email.

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