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#267. Rivers Bend.   19 x 40, oil on panel. unsigned. From the artist to a relative or friend in Madison or Guilford, CT. Descended through the family until bought by Michael and Julie Meyer of Yonkers, NY. When they purchased the painting it was said to be of California and that seems plausible. The obvious guess as to subject is the west side Mt. Shasta from Strawberry Valley. But Munger usually painted accurate topography and the mountain just doesn't look much like Shasta. William Miesse, an expert on paintings of Shasta says: "I would say that this is not a Shasta scene and it looks very similar to other paintings of a mountain range I have yet to identify. ... There are too many incorrect features on this Munger to call it Shasta."

The back of the board has a printed label, protected by plastic, from "M. Newman Ltd, 43a Duke Street, St. James, London S.W.1 ... Established 1870." It also has a label in Munger's hand, protected by plastic, that shows "No. 72. Near M (next word is illegible but definitely not 'Shasta') Gilbert Munger." Presumably "M" means "Mount". The style and the hand written label strongly suggests that the painting is by Munger and that it does not depict Mt. Shasta. Another Munger of Mt. Shasta, #89, shows a similar loose style and a similar depiction of a mountain. Image from email sent by Michael and Julie Meyer, the owners.

© Michael D. Schroeder   24 June 2018