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#9. Mount Shasta.   19 x 34.5, oil on canvas. "Gilbert Munger 1867" lower left; "Gilbert Munger, Mt. Shaster, 1867" reverse. The painting shows the southeast face of the mountain in morning light from a place about 8 miles northeast of McCloud. (Thanks to William C. Miesse of Mount Shasta City for doing the leg work.) The title on the back is curiously misspelled. The date is before Munger's first known trip to California in 1869 and before his first known visit to Shasta in 1870. The signature and inscription likely were applied well after the painting was completed and remembered incorrectly. Painting #2 also has an incorrect and misspelled inscription, apparently in the same hand. Private collection. IAP 25680116. QFD 26. See American Painting at the Tweed Museum of Art by Sweeney, 1982, p. 51. Image from author's photo.

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