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This is the first traveling museum exhibition devoled to the fiber and paper sculptures of Leslie Bohnenkamp (1943-1997), whose tragic death resulting from an accident cut short a promising career. Bohenkamp began his artistic production as a textile designer and weaver, and later began producing the knotted fiber and layered paper sculptures he became known for. Often grouped into multi-unit installations and affectionately referred to as "herds," Bohenkamp's sculptures, though abstract, are mindful of mollusks, horns, tendrils and other natural forms. Richly colored, these carefully crafted, simplified abstract shapes are pleasing in themselves, but offer viewers additional levels of wit and humor through their zoomorphic references. Works for the exhibition are lent by the artist's estate and several private collections, including the Judith Rothschild Foundation, and Marth Fredericks. The exhibition is organized William Shipley Fine Arts, and the Joseph Rickerts Gallery, New York.


Number of works: 30 works, including 14 multi-component three-dimensional sculptures, 6 single-component three-dimensional sculptures, and 10 paintings and drawings.

Scale: 3-D works range from single component works 72" high x 24" diameter, to multi-unit floor groupings occupying 80 x 40" of floor space; 2-D works average 30 x 22"

Space/security requirements: Approximately 100 linear feet wall space, 3500 square feet floor space; climate-controlled, secure and guarded.

Publication: Illustrated catalogue, with essay by William Shipley.

Fee: Call for information. Fee includes: One-way shipping, insurance, 15 catalogues, text labels, press materials

Dates of availability: November 2003 - August 2005


For slides, checklist and more information contact:
Peter Spooner, Curator
Tweed Museum of Art, University of Minnesota Duluth
10 University Drive, Duluth, MN 55812

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