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Service Vehicle Permits

Permit TypeAvailable ToCost

(Including any applicable taxes)

EnforcedNot EnforcedOvernight Parking Allowed
Service Vehicle 

University Contractors & Vendors

Fiscal Year: $275

Six Months: $140

Month: $25

24 hours/day, 7 days a week, year-round


*May request written permission for overnight permit. 

If interested in purchasing a permit, please visit our Transportation & Parking office at 202 Kirby Plaza. We accept credit cards or check, no cash please. 

  • Contractor shall provide transportation to campus and must comply with all posted regulations, signs and directions regarding traffic, parking, and loading/unloading, which includes purchasing service vehicle permits from Transportation & Parking Services.  Service vehicle parking shall be in compliance with the policies and procedures of UMD Transportation & Parking Services.
  • The Contractor shall arrange for loading/unloading operations in off street areas or in alleys, driveways, side streets or designated "Loading Zone”.  If no other alternative is available, permission may be granted for temporary short term stops on University of Minnesota owned streets, roads, and parking lots except during rush hours, provided that the name of the Contractor, Subcontractor, or Supplier is displayed on the delivery truck.
  • Warning signs and barricades in accordance with the Minnesota Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices are required when stopped or working on University roads. Parking regulations will be strictly enforced.      
  • Parking for personal vehicles of construction personnel is not allowed on construction sites. Parking is available in University parking lots in accordance with posted regulations and fees.  Parking is often allowed free of charge in maroon & white lots when school is not in session, refer to posted regulations for timing.

  • Company vehicles necessary to the completion of the work may be parked on site at the discretion of the Project Manager.  Parking shall be restricted to impervious surfaces if at all possible.  Company vehicles parked on site shall have the name of the company displayed on the side of the vehicle and a valid service vehicle permit visibly displayed.

  • University contractors are eligible to purchase a service vehicle permit available from UMD Transportation & Parking Services. Service vehicle permits are valid for one month, six months or a year from the date of purchase. Service vehicle permits are not valid for personal vehicles. All vehicles must be identified with the company name clearly displayed on the outside of the vehicle.

  • Service vehicle permits are valid only in service vehicle spaces. If such spaces are not readily available, permission may be granted to park at the nearest metered space providing both the permit is displayed and the vehicle is identified with the company name. In unique situations, permission may be given to park in legal, non-metered spaces providing personnel are working in the immediate vicinity at all times. Parking is never allowed in No Parking zones including fire lanes, driving lanes, bus stops, handicapped spaces, or Designated Reserve Permit spaces. 

  • Service vehicle permits are transferable between vehicles providing all vehicles are identified with the company name clearly displayed. Service vehicle permit spaces are strictly enforced year round, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Vehicles not displaying the proper permit or not clearly identifiable as company vehicles will be ticketed. Lost or stolen permits will be issued a replacement for a duplication fee. A police report is requested for all stolen permits.