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Promoting a Culture of Safety

Emergencies, disasters, accidents, injuries, and crimes can occur without warning at any time. Being prepared to respond to unexpected emergencies is an individual and an organizational responsibility. Each member of our community has a role in emergency preparation and response.

As an individual, you can help by observing your surroundings, asking about suspicious or questionable behavior, and calling for help when safety is an issue.

Being alert to what's going on around us creates a culture that promotes and enhances security and safety and the openness and accessibility of our campus.

The University of Minnesota Duluth Police Department and other public safety professionals on campus will always react to dangerous situations. But the multiplied effect of thousands of eyes and ears that are alert to surroundings have the most impact on keeping our community safe, secure, and ready to respond.

The University, a public institution, values openness and access. However, "open" should not mean "unsafe" or "dangerous."

Propping doors open for convenience, turning a "blind eye" to strangers, and leaving computers and other valuables in the open are invitations to problems. Every member of the University community needs to help promote personal and community safety. Closing and locking doors and windows, obtaining photo ID cards for your unit, preparing department and building-wide plans and questioning strangers are examples of some simple steps you can take.

Encouraging these actions within departments and units goes a long way to fostering a culture of safety, without unduly infringing on daily activities or an open community.