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University of Minnesota Duluth Cellular Phone Policy

Cellular Phone Request Form

1. All cellular phone purchases and contracts at UMD, where UMD is the official billing entity, must be approved by the Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations or his/her designee. The recommendation for cellular phone use must also have the appropriate dean or director approval.

2. No personal outgoing long-distance calls may be made from this telephone unless charged directly to a personal telephone credit card. It is not a question of reimbursement. The reason for this prohibition includes the potential avoidance of State and Federal taxes, and the increased exposure to uncollectible accounts by the University.

3. All departments who have cellular phone users should ensure they receive and retain a detailed itemization of calls every month.

4. University business calls should constitute, on average, at least 85% of the total minutes of actual phone use for any cellular phone with UMD as the billing entity. Where this is not the case, the phone should not be billed to the University.

Questions concerning this policy should be addressed to Alan Decker, University Auditor, at

Gregory R. Fox
Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations

Developed - January 23, 1995
Revised - July 11, 1997
Revised - November 29, 1999