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 Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity

Workers' Comp

Guide in Preparing UMD Personnel Action Document

Top Box
Empl ID#: A 7-digit number that is assigned to both staff and students of the University of Minnesota.
Empl Rcd#: Employee’s job record number
Dept Name: Department Name

Personal Data
Indicate: Last Name    First Name     Middle Name

Effective Date: Date the action/reason took place.
Action: A word that will indicate what is happening to the record. (Refer to the action/reason list)
Reason: A word that will indicate the reason for the action. (Refer to the action/reason list)

Job Information:
Position Management #: Corresponds with the employee’s position.
Work Location: Company is always checked UMN
Entity: A 4-digit code made up of 3 numbers plus one alpha, example 207A. Job Code: A 4-digit number that corresponds to the title of the position. Refer to civil service classifications.
DeptID: A 5-digit number corresponding with a specific unit within the department.
Job Code: A 4-digit number that corresponds to the title of the position. Refer to the Generic Job Descriptions.
Regular or Temporary: Indicate if the position is a regular or temporary position.
Full Time or Part Time: Indicate if the position is Full Time or Part Time
Employee Class: Indicate if the position is Civil Service/BU or Civil Service/ V-Class.
Standard Hours: Indicate the amount of hours worked per week.
FTE: Indicate the Percentage of time. For 100% time, FTE = 1.0.
Pay Group: Choose Pay or Without Salary
Employee Type: Indicate if the position is Hourly or Exception Hourly or Salary.
Salary Grade: Grade and Step- mainly for civil service bargaining unit. 
Compensation Rate: Indicate Rate of Pay (per hour.)
Appt Type: Indicates the conditions of the appointment, such as probationary or temporary.
Appt Term: Indicates the length or term of the appt at the University. Ex: A=12 months B=9 months.
Job Requisition #: Indicate the requisition number of the posting.
Replaced Employee ID: If applicable, indicates the Employee ID of a former employee being replaced with a new hire.
Progression Anniversary Date: For union employees only, indicate anniversary date (which is start date.

Is this a Temp-No Post position: Indicate Yes or No
General Comments - Provide description of job duties.

Distribution Line:
Effective Date: Is the first day of the action.
Combination (Combo) Code: A 19-digit payroll string.
Earnings Code: The reason for the payment, see the earnings code handout. 
Hours: Number of hours worked
Enc Option: Optional. Use either R= recalculate method, N=Non encumbrance or D= Draw Down.
Prepared by: Person who prepared the document.      
Phone: Phone number of the person who prepared the document.
Date: The date the document was prepared.  
Authorized Signature:  Required by most departments.


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