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Workers' Comp

Vacation Cash-Out Program for AFSCME and Civil Service (non-bargaining) Employees

I. Purpose

The purpose of the Vacation Cash-Out Program is to enable AFSCME Local 3801 and civil service (non-bargaining) employees to request of their Unit an exchange of up to forty hours of accumulated vacation for an equivalent number of hours of pay once each calendar year.

II. Eligibility - To be eligible:

a. Employees must be AFSCME Local 3801 or civil service (non-bargaining); and

b. Have at least 80 hours of accumulated vacation time at time of request.

Employees paid from federally sponsored research funds may be ineligible. Vacation Cash-Outs must be charged against non-federal accounts. Other funds may also have similar restrictions. The employee’s department will determine if the funding source will allow participation in the program.

Employees are ineligible during any disciplinary suspensions or if they are receiving, or have applied to receive, Workers' Compensation benefits.

III. Administration:

Units may decline and/or limit the number of requests based on financial hardship. Final approval rests with the Dean/Vice Chancellor. Denials of requests are not grounds for a grievance.

UMD HR&EO will ensure that no decision is based on an employee’s race, religion, creed or sex, national origin, disability, age, marital status, public assistance status, veteran status or sexual orientation. UMD HR&EO will also be responsible for gathering data on the program for reporting purposes.

If approved, the paid time will be calculated at the employee’s hourly rate (and fringe benefit rate) at the time of payout.

IV. Application for Vacation Cash-Out Program:

To initiate a request, an employee must submit the request in writing by completing the employee’s portion of the Application for Vacation Cash-Out Program (WORD).


  • Provide copy of executed form to Unit Payroll Coordinator for pay entry according to established deadlines (TCO earnings code; no leave entry).
  • Provide copy of fully executed form to Unit Departmental Liaison.
  • Provide original of the fully executed form to Betsy Behning, UMD HR&EO, 255 DAdB.

Note to payroll coordinator: By using the earnings code TCO, HRMS automatically subtracts the requested vacation hours from the employee's record. Do not enter anything into vacation leave entry.


Civil Service Rules:

Section 11.4.4 In addition, any employee may request to cash out one week of their accumulated vacation time each fiscal year at the unit’s discretion.

AFSCME Clerical:

MOU Vacation Cash Out Option for 3801 - For the life of this Agreement, AFSCME Unit 6 employees who are represented by Local 3801 may request to cash out up to 40 hours of their accumulated vacation time each year. This option will be presented to these employees by November 30 of each year. Denials of a request will not be grounds for a grievance.

Contact Betsy Behning, 726-6520/ with questions.

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