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 Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity

Workers' Comp

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Compliance: Hiring

Employees are the University of Minnesota Duluth’s greatest resource. Hiring qualified employees is therefore essential to the UMD’s continued success. If you are thinking of hiring take a moment to review the multiple steps required for each new hire. Following the UMD’s rules and procedures will help you find the best people the right way.

There are many different categories of employees on campus. Different procedures, policies, rules and guidelines apply to each. Here are some important things to remember as you prepare to hire someone new:

CONSULTATION: The first step is to consult with UMD Human Resources & Equal Opportunity to help you identify the best strategy for meeting your staffing needs.

AUTHORITY: Approval requirements may be different from unit to unit and for each category of employee. Check with your unit administrator before proceeding.

PROCEDURES: Policies, rules, contracts and guidelines provide frameworks for hiring different groups of employees-faculty, P&A, graduate assistants, civil service, union represented and student employees. See

POSITION DESCRIPTION: Writing a current and detailed position description is the most important step in a successful hire. It will be used to identify required and preferred qualifications, frame interview questions and establish performance expectations.

RECRUITING: The University strives to make employment opportunities accessible to all qualified applicants and therefore communicates information about open positions in a number of ways. Nearly all vacant positions are displayed on the University's employment web site. Other advertising strategies may be required or advisable given the likely market of qualified applicants. See for detailed resources.

EVALUATION: Careful evaluation of the applicant pool is necessary to determine that an adequate number of qualified, diverse applicants have applied for your position. Refinement of this group will identify applicants to be interviewed. For detailed interview guidelines, see

SELECTION: Before making a final hiring decision, consult with the unit administrator, UMD Department of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity. In addition to receiving necessary approval(s), appropriate procedures for proper set-up of letters of offer, payroll, benefits, etc. must be initiated for new employees. For detailed information related to these actions, see

RECORDS: Documents and search files should be retained consistent with appropriate records retention policies.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I hire an employee without a search?
Yes, in limited situations and following specific procedures and approvals. Guidelines vary depending on employee group. Consult with UMD Department of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity before proceeding.

Where can I find out about different hiring options for student and staff employees?
Detailed consultation on different staffing strategies is available by contacting UMD Department of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity.

Who can I talk to about recruitment strategies?
Start with UMD’s Department of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity.

Where can I get help in writing a letter of offer?
Templates are available for use by administrators when writing a letter of offer. Be sure to use the correct template. Before including additional or different information, check with UMD Department of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity.


  • Do I need approval before advertising?
  • Who has the authority to make the final decision?
  • Is pre-employment screening required for this position? If so, any job offer must be conditional.
  • Have all approvals been obtained BEFORE making an offer?
  • Is the salary within appropriate guidelines?
  • Have I used the standard offer letter and applicable University contracts?

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