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IMPORTANT: Only upon approval by UMD HR&EO may the hiring
department extend a job offer to the final candidate(s).

Checklist to complete the hiring process for posted positions with Continuing and Temporary Appointments

A number of steps and forms must be completed before a position is offered to a candidate. Use this checklist to verify that all of these requirements have been met.

(Check the boxes as you complete each step.)

Step 1:

UMD HR&EO SCREENS the online applications to make sure that applicants meet the essential qualifications.

Application from those who meet the essential qualifications are then ROUTED to the hiring department for review. The URL is

As you review the applications, make sure to UPDATE the Applicant Status.

Step 2:

a) After reviewing the applications in relation to your selection criteria, you may select applicants for interviews. The following are the recommended guidelines for the number of applicants to interview. Any deviation from these guidelines should be discussed in advance with the UMD Department of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity. You may choose to increase these numbers.

Sample Interview Questions

Number of Applicants

Number to Interview

Less than 30

4 or more (Less than 4 must be approved by HR)


6 or more


at least 10%

100 and over


Step 3:

Once you have made your selection of the final candidate, submit the following forms to UMD HR&EO for review and approval:

1. The signed Employment Application Release Form.

2. Final candidate’s Application Form.

3. Employment Hiring Certification Form for Final Candidate (PDF / WORD) - hiring department completes and signs this form for the final candidate.

It is the responsibility of the hiring department to verify the employment history, degree, license and certification of the final candidate as stated on the Application Form.  Employment history specified in the application up to the last seven years of employment must be verified. Verification of degrees, certifications and licenses must be verified as noted below and under the following circumstances:

  • Applicant has listed graduate degree(s) and/or bachelor’sdegree(s): All graduate and bachelor’s degrees, as well as any claimed licenses or certifications that are relevant to the job, must be verified. No associate degrees, college attendance at institutions in which no degree was attained, high school diploma or equivalent, or licenses or certifications not related to the job will require verification.
  • Applicant has listed an associate degree(s) as the highest level of education: Associate degree(s) and any listed licenses or certifications relevant to the job duties will require verification. Any high school diploma or equivalent, college credits not leading to an attained degree, or licenses and certifications not related to the job will not require verification.
  • Applicant has listed a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as some college credits: Verification of either the high school diploma or equivalent OR thecollege attendance will be required.
  • Applicant has listed a high school diploma or equivalent, as well as one or more licenses or certifications: High school diploma or equivalent, along with any certifications pertaining to the job duties, will require verification. Any licenses or certifications not related to the job will not require verification.
  • Applicant has listed a high school diploma or equivalent only: High school diploma or equivalent will require verification.

While verifying degrees, departments must attempt toverify degrees directly from the institution. If directed to the National Student Clearinghouse, HR&EO can assist in the verification.The National Clearing house charges a minimum of $9.95 per verification.

4. If a background check is required, have the candidate fill out the correct background check forms at Follow the instructions on what forms the candidate and the department must fill out.

UMD HR&EO will then notify the department as soon as the Background Check is completed.

Hiring of the candidate is contingent upon the result of the Background Check.

Only upon approval by UMD HR&EO may the hiring department extend a job offer to the approved candidate(s).

Note: UMD HR&EO maintains a website that shows the status of "Closed Job Postings ", The following phrases are used for the status:

  • Department reviewing applications (when the job closes)
  • Pending (when Hiring Certification form is received)
  • Position Filled (see Step 4)

Step 4:

Once applicant has accepted the position, notify the interviewed applicants by email, telephone, or postage mail. (see sample letters.) Once you have notified theinterviewed applicantsthat they did not get the job, go into the Requisition and change the status of the applicants to “Not Hired”, and "Another applicant Hired.” Then call the Employment Coordinator at 726-8297, so the requisition can be closed.

Step 5:

Prepare all appropriate appointment documents and send to UMD HR&EO except I-9.

1) Personnel Action Form (write the Job Requisition number on the form)

2) I-9 (To be completed in the hiring department and not to be sent to UMD HR&EO )

Form I-9 Regulations and Requirements
I-9 Employment Authorization Requirements

3) ITSS Internet ID Assignment Process

4) W-4

5) HRIF Form


7) Appointment Letter

8) Authorization for Direct Deposit ( WORD) or have employee complete ONLINE

Step 6: Onboarding

1) Department fills out the Orientation Request form for employee.

2) UMD HR&EO will contact employee to schedule an orientation or employee may enroll online.

Steps to register for an orientation

An orientation will be conducted for non-academic employees (and academic employees, upon request) who:

  • are new hire with 75-100% appointment
  • have transferred up to 75-100 percent time appointment (example, transfer from temp and casual, on-call appointment or under 74% appointment)
  • are hired on 75-100% temporary appointment lasting three months or longer; and
  • has an appointment of 50-74% lasting three months or longer.

Note: Orientation is not conducted for those with appointment under 50% or for those with Temp & Casual appointments.

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