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Workers' Comp

Wellness, Personal Development, Safety, Health Improvement Program
Fall 2005




Tobacco Use: Why and How to Stop it Now
Thursday, October 13
Kirby Student Center 323
Brown Bag

Tobacco use is harmful not only to smokers but also to those around them. This workshop will focus on the adverse health effects of tobacco use and available methods of smoking cessation. Pharmaceutical approaches, as well as counseling, stress management, and scientific research projects will be discussed. Local resources will be highlighted and contact information will be available.

Facilitator: Natalie Ceballos and Angie Harju. Natalie is a Research Assistant Professor in Behavioral Sciences. Angie is an Assistant Scientist in Behavioral Medicine Laboratory and the coordinator of the Stress and Tobacco Addiction Research project.

Tuesday, October 18
135 SpHC
Learn how yoga can help you improve your strength, flexibility, balance, and endurance as well as reduce stress.Everyone welcome....even if you're "not flexible". Wear clothing that does not restrict your movement. Mats provided.

Facilitator: Linda Glisson, UMD Continuing Education

Shoulder Injuries
Tuesday, November 1
Kirby Student Center 333

This session is a discussion of shoulder injuries and their treatment. There will be an emphasis on workplace shoulder injuries.

Facilitator: Dr. Brian Konowalchuk, SMDC Occupational Medicine Physician

Diabetes Risk Factors
Wednesday, November 2
Kirby Student Center 333

This session is a discussion of the risk of diabetes and the increased incidence. It will answer the question "am I at risk and what can I do about it?"

Facilitator: Susan Rhodes, Nurse, QuickCare


Identity Theft
Tuesday, September 20
Garden Room
Brown Bag

This session will focus on the various types of identify theft facing consumers today and offer solutions and resources to help you protect yourself and your family from identity theft and steps to recovering from an identity theft incident.

Facilitator: Bob Nelson. Community Development Specialist at Members Cooperative Credit Union. Bob has over 12 years in the financial services industry and oversees the credit union's financial literacy programs.

Tough Job Parenting Teens! Discover the Joy!
Tuesday, September 27
Garden Room
Brown Bag

In this session, Jo will show the video Positive Parenting of Teens (The Growing Season) and will discuss:

  • What TEENS wish parents knew about what it is like to be a teenager.
  • What is the MOST IMPORTANT thing parents can do for teens?
  • What is the BIGGEST INFLUENCE in a teen's Life?
  • Facilitator: Jo Musich is an Associate Professor with the Master of Education at UMD and the Family Relations Specialist at the University of Minnesota Extension Service in Cloquet.

    Helping Children with Holiday Stress
    Tuesday, November 15
    Kirby Student Center 333
    Brown Bag

    Temper tantrums filling your holidays? Come and discuss some ways to keep life more ‘normal’ during these times.

    Facilitator: Leann Scalia, Director, UMD Children's Place.

    Who Gets Grandma's Yellow Pie Plate?
    Tuesday, November 22
    Garden Room
    Brown Bag

    This session provides information on the practical and emotion aspects of transferring personal property in families. Delivery methods include a short video and an optional workbook (small charge). Content assists families making decisions about inheritance and personal property.

    Facilitator: Becky Hagen-Jokela, Regional Extension Educator, Family Resource Management, with the University of Minnesota Extension Service in Cloquet.

    Eating Disorders - Can You Catch Them?
    Thursday, December 1
    Kirby Student Center 355-357
    Brown Bag

    Our own self talk affects the way our daughters view themselves. What does what you say to yourself have to do with her own feelings of self- worth? How do your eating and activity habits affect her nutrition and fitness? Could she be "catching" eating disordered behaviors from you? Identify the characteristics of eating disordered behaviors and learn ways to support your loved ones (and yourself) as you work to build a healthy self.

    Facilitator: Charlene Harkins, EdD, RD, LD, FADA is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian, currently an assistant professor in the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation at UMD. She teaches in the areas of Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Health and Wellness, and Consumer Health Issues.


    Hearing Conservation
    Tuesday, October 11
    Kirby Student Center 333

    The loss of hearing due to exposure to loud noise is 100% preventable. This workshop will discuss the effects of noise on hearing, how to interpret hearing tests and how to protect yourself from noice induced hearing loss.

    Facilitator: Norbert Norman, Environmental Health & Safety. Norbert Norman is the University's Environmental Health and Safety Specialist at UMD. Norbert has a degree in Master of Industrial Safety (MIS) and is a Certified Industrial Hygienist (CIH).

    AED Awareness Workshop  
    Wednesday,  October 26
    10:00-10:45 a.m.
    Kirby Student Center - Garden Room

     The use of automated external defibrillator or AED has saved lives. It is used to get a normal rhythm from someone with a heart rhythm that stopped. Experience with AEDs have shown that each minute of delay getting an AED to the side of a sudden death victim decreases the chance of survival by approximately 10%. The American Heart Association estimates that "public access to defibrillation" could save 100,000 of the 350,000 people who suffer sudden heart failure each year. In this training, the use of AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) will be demonstrated and the First Response Procedures for a medical emergency will be discussed.

    Funded in part by UMD Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations and a grant from University of Minnesota Office of Risk Management and Insurance.

    Facilitator: Norbert Norman

    American Heart Association CPR/AED for Lay People
    Monday , October 31
    9:00 a.m. - 12:00 noon
    Kirby Student Center - Ballroom A

    Maximum participants: 20

    The AHA CPR/AED course is designed as part of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) certification training. CPR and First Aid on a choking victim will be taught through demonstration and practice of mannequin and use of AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) will be demonstrated.

    Funded in part by UMD Vice Chancellor for Finance and Operations and a grant from University of Minnesota Office of Risk Management and Insurance.

    Facilitator: Norbert Norman.
    Assisted by Diane Dickey, Health Services

    WORK/LIFE - Elder Care Initiative (via ITV)

    Family Caregiving Strategies
    Tuesday, October 4
    173 Kirby Plaza
    Brown Bag

    A good starting point for working adults who provide care for aging family members. New roles and responsibilities can be overwhelming. Learn about resources, strategies, and insights that can help maintain everyone's dignity and connectedness.
    Financial and Legal Issues
    Thursday, Nov 17
    173 Kirby Plaza
    Brown Bag
    Power of attorney, specialized insurance, and other thorny issues are best explored sooner than later. Advance information on financial and legal issues can ease the crises of aging.

    Critical Conversations
    Thursday, December 15
    173 Kirby Plaza
    Brown Bag

    Helping an elder age well involves talk about family team work, senior driving, health, independence, even dying. Good communication strategies help families build cooperation, develop work plans, and make decisions.
    Dementia and Memory Loss
    Tuesday, Feb 21
    12:00 - 1:00
    173 Kirby Plaza
    Brown Bag
    Many elders remain alert, yet most fear the loss of memory and reason above all else. Their families do, too. Learn about memory loss symptoms and complexities.
    Housing Decisions
    Tuesday, Mar 14
    12:00 - 1:00
    173 Kirby Plaza
    Brown Bag
    Housing decisions take on new dimensions as seniors age. Learn the pros, cons, and finances of staying at home, independent senior housing, home services, assisted living, and nursing homes.
    Cooperative Caregiving
    Thursday, Apr 6
    12:00 - 1:00
    173 Kirby Plaza
    Brown Bag
    Adult siblings and other caregivers must often find new common ground in caring for a parent or elderly loved one. Scout this territory of common conflicts, possible resolutions, and criteria for family satisfaction.
    Community Resources
    Tuesday, May 16
    12:00 - 1:00
    173 Kirby Plaza
    Brown Bag
    Needs change continually as we age. Whether you are near or far from your elder, community resources can make life better. Explore service availability, costs, and benefits.

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