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Workers' Comp

Wellness, Personal Development, Health Improvement Program
Fall 2008


De-stressing Through Nature and Photography
Part I
Tue, 10/7
KSC 333
Part I meets in the classroom for an overview of demonstrations and techniques geared toward helping you de-stress through the power of the visual. The goal is to empower you to look beyond what you see and capture how the scene contributes to how you feel. Emotion can propel us to motion (action), and those actions can influence our mental state, which can dramatically reduce our stress levels.

This session will give you tips on how to explore your creativity while photographing your experience in nature during Part II scheduled on Thursday, Oct. 9th. Even if you are unable to join us outdoors for Part II, come to this session and de-stress through the power of the visual!

Dr. Ladona Tornabene, Ph.D., CHES is an associate professor who teaches Health Education in the department of Health, Physical Education, and Recreation. She uses her photography to promote health through contact with nature and to empower others through her Professor as Photographer Scholarship Fund.
De-stressing Through Nature and Photography Part II
Thu, 10/9
Rock Pond Bagley Nature Area

Part II meets outdoors at Rock Pond in Bagley Nature Area (see map), which is conveniently located on campus (near Lot T-2). October is a gorgeous time to discover fall color in all its glory! We will explore various locations within Bagley to photograph scenes that contribute to stress-reduction or re-charge you emotionally.

Note: Field instruction will be available on location by the instructor, however, have a general working knowledge of how to use your digital camera. If you do not own a digital camera, you may check one out through the Multimedia Hub (119 Library). Wear comfortable clothing/footwear for this session as we will do some light hiking. You may wish to bring water, extra batteries, and sufficient memory for your camera.

Dr. Ladona Tornabene
De-stressing Through Nature and Photography Part III
Tue, 10/14
KSC 333
Part III meets in the classroom where we gather as a group to reflect upon the images taken in Part II. Images that you select will be reviewed via a digital projector. We will discuss such questions as: What impact did the scene have upon you emotionally prior to taking the picture? How can you harness the power of these feelings? How can they contribute to your relaxation? How can they empower you to accomplish other things? Do your actual images reflect what you saw and felt? If not, we can discuss what could have been done differently in capturing your images to intensify the feelings that you felt. Bring pen and paper. Dr. Ladona Tornabene
Caregiving in the Sandwich Generation
Wed, 10/15
Garden Room
Persons who work and who also have elder-care concerns or responsibilities will learn about the risks to your own health and wellness and how to manage them. Participants will also have an opportunity to consider the rewards in caregiving. Catherine Sampson has been the Director of the Arrowhead Area Agency on Aging for almost 8 years and has 18 years of experience in the Human Services field.  
What is HIP?
Tue, 10/21
KSC 311

HIP stands for Health Improvement Program. HIP is one of UMD Employee Wellness Program’s FREE offerings for UMD faculty and staff. It is designed to help those who are:

  • looking for a safe and effective health behavior change program,
  • striving to reach their optimal health, and
  • looking to improve nutrition and exercise habits as well as stress management and overall wellness.

The program is based on a three-pronged approach which encompasses balanced nutrition, result producing exercise and positive behaviors that will lead to healthy and active lifestyles.

Members will have access to weekly optional meetings which will include:

  • confidential weigh-ins
  • comprehensive and easy to understand healthy eating and exercise guidelines from a qualified health educator, dietitian, and more
  • weekly group meetings/discussions that will build support, confidence, motivation, and the commitment to achieve a new healthy lifestyle.

In today's session, we will discuss about the overview and guidelines of the program and complete membership forms.

Rachel Gilbertson and Shelly DeCaigny are Health Coaches for the Employee Health and Wellness Center. Lita Wallace is the Wellness Coordinator with the Department of Human Resources.
How Caring Ways Cancer Resource Center
Wed , 10/22
Garden Room
Help Us in Having a Healthy Relationship with a Loved One Who Has Been Diagnosed with Cancer

Marcy will talk about:

  • the cancer experience
  • share some of her own experience of being diagnosed with cancer, and
  • resources available through Caring Ways Cancer Resource Center that includes a lending library, wig room, programs and classes
  • how to be a friend to someone who has been diagnosed with cancer.
Marcy Kernez is the program manager of Caring Ways Cancer Resource Center. She has a background in occupational therapy, business management and complementary therapies.
Migraines! A Real Pain in the Neck!
Thu, 10/23
KSC 333
This workshop will discuss the common causes (triggers) of migraines and treatment options including ways to prevent migraines. Participants that attend the seminar will be presented ways to improve their migraine symptoms and have fewer days where they are affected by headaches. Dan Tomaszewski is a fourth year student with the College of Pharmacy.

Tim Cernohous is a practitioner at UMD's Medication Therapy Management Clinic and is also currently perusing his Ph.D. from the College of Pharmacy.

Healthy Eating Basics and Food Log Ideas
Tue, 10/28
Garden Room
In this session, healthy eating basics will be discussed along with the advantages of keeping daily food log for accountability.

Note: This is part of "HIP Meeting on Tuesdays" which is FREE to UMD Faculty and Staff. Come in at 11:45 for weigh-ins.

Rachel Gilbertson and Shelly DeCaigny are Health Coaches for the Employee Health and Wellness Center.
Fun & Easy Fitness for Couch Potatoes
Thu, 10/30
KSC 323
Think you can’t improve your fitness while watching TV? Well, think again! This workshop will look at some fun and easy ways to get in a little exercise and improve your fitness, all without having to give up watching your favorite shows. Wear comfortable clothing!

Note: This is part of "HIP Meeting on Tuesdays" which is FREE to UMD Faculty and Staff. Come in at 11:45 for weigh-ins.

Amy L. Versnik Nowak, PhD, is an Assistant Professor of Health Education at UMD. She enjoys helping people meet their personal health goals and move toward a higher level of wellness.

Heidi Hale is a Community Health Education student. She will be graduating in December and following her graduation, plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in Public Health.

Nutrition Analysis
Tue, 11/4
KSC 323
This interactive workshop will help you to nutritionally analyze your food intake. Participants would need to bring in a one-day food record (of what) they have eaten. Then work together with upper-division exercise science students to computerize this information. Specific information on comparisons to Dietary Reference Intakes will be made. Students will be supervised by Charlene Harkins, a registered dietitian.

Note: This is part of "HIP Meeting on Tuesdays" which is FREE to UMD Faculty and Staff. Come in at 11:45 for weigh-ins.

Charlene Harkins, EdD, RD,LD is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Health, Physical Education and Recreation. She is the instructor of ESAT 3410 Performance Nutrition and Weight Management.
Barriers and Solutions of Healthy Eating
Tue, 11/11
KSC 355-357
In this session, healthy eating, basic nutrition, meal plans, healthy cooking tips, making healthy food choices will be discussed. Healthy meal ideas and recipes will be provided to participants.

For those who are HIP members, discuss how things are going so far. Discuss individual successes, barriers, solutions and what work for each individual's goals.

Note: This is part of "HIP Meeting on Tuesdays" which is FREE to UMD Faculty and Staff. Come in at 11:45 for weigh-ins.

Rachel Gilbertson, Health Coach, Employee Health and Wellness Center
Are There Toxic Chemicals in the Products You Use?
Wed , 11/12
Garden Room
Come and find out the answer to this question as you learn to read the ingredient list on your personal care and cleaning products. A brief explanation of what toxins do in our bodies and over all health will also be discussed. Annette Rod has a Bachelor's Degree in Chemistry from Western Michigan University. She worked for 23 years in the pharmaceutical industry and currently work in a toxicology lab at the UMD Biochemistry and Molecular Biology. Annette teaches health and wellness topics for the community.
Why Words Matter Part I
Thur, 11/13
KSC 323
Our thoughts have the potential to influence our words and our words can ultimately sway our actions. All of which can have a profound affect on our health and well-being. While such a statement resonates logic, does it have scientific merit? This interactive presentation is designed to provide a brief overview of how the mind can impact the brain. Attend this session and learn to apply practical, empowering steps designed to help your thoughts, words, and actions align for better health in any dimension of wellness that you choose. Then plan to attend the next session (Part 2) on November 20th as we reflect on how your plan is working for you. We will brainstorm how to improve or modify it so that it supports the changes you seek. Dr. Ladona Tornabene
Food Safety for the Holiday Season
Tue, 11/18
KSC 323
Would you like to know how those nasty germs lurk around in your food that can cause food poisoning? Come hear a former food inspector and professor of Food Safety for over 30 years unravel the mysteries of food safety, particularly for the upcoming holiday season.

Note: This is part of "HIP Meeting on Tuesdays" which is FREE to UMD Faculty and Staff. Come in at 11:45 for weigh-ins.

John Kowalczyk is Assistant Professor of Community Health Education and is a former professor of Food Microbiology and Health Inspector for many years.
Minimizing Holiday Stress
Wed, 11/19
Garden Room
We forget and get caught up in the fast pace of the holiday season. Learn how to be mindful and slow yourself down during this time of the year. Many techniques will be given with examples to lower your stress. Bob Lyman is the Employee Assistance Coordinator for St. Luke's here in Duluth. His white beard and Santa Claus look gives more favor to his presentation. Bob has worked in mental health for over 30 years.
Why Words Matter Part II
Thu, 11/20
KSC 333
The purpose of this workshop is to discuss the results of applying the information that was discussed in Part 1 on November 13th. We will take what is working for you and help you make it better which in turn will make you feel better. We will take what is not working for you and discuss how it can be changed so that you are empowered by your words, thoughts, and actions. The guiding principles of this discussion are built on science. The practical application thereof, on human experience. Dr. Ladona Tornabene
Holiday Fitness Plan
Tue, 11/25
KSC 323
This session will discuss:

  • exercise basics (benefits, importance, time management)
  • exercise adherence and confidence survey
  • Fitness Reward Program at the University of Minnesota

Note: This is part of "HIP Meeting on Tuesdays" which is FREE to UMD Faculty and Staff. Come in at 11:45 for weigh-ins.

Rachel Gilbertson is the Health Coach with the Employee Health and Wellness Center.
Planning for a Healthy Retirement---Understanding Your MSRS Pension (for Non-Academic Employees)
Mon , 12/1
KSC 333
David will explain how your Minnesota State Retirement System (MSRS) pension is calculated and discuss an overview of application process. There will be a time for Q&A. David Wright is a retirement counselor and has been working for the state for 16 years.
Barriers and Solutions of Exercise
Tue, 12/2
KSC 333
This session will discuss individual successes, barriers and solutions about exercise. Share ideas about what things work for you, and new ideas to improve your personal fitness goals. Learn about the "Maintain Don't Gain Challenge."

Note: This is part of "HIP Meeting on Tuesdays" which is FREE to UMD Faculty and Staff. Come in at 11:45 for weigh-ins.

Rachel Gilbertson is the Health Coach with the Employee Health and Wellness Center.
Slips, Trips and Falls: Prevention and Treatment
Wed , 12/3
Garden Room
Almost one in every five work-related injuries results from a slip, trip or fall. This workshop provides specific information about how to create a safer environment at UMD. The program highlights include the causes of slips, trips and falls, how to identify areas of hazard, and how to prevent accidents from occurring. If an injury does occur, recognition and proper treatment is presented, including tools and resources available at UMD. Laura Lott, MIS is a Public Health Specialist in UMD’s Environmental Health and Safety Office.

Robert Waselovich is a certified Physicians Assistant with UMD QuickCare Clinic/Employee Health and Wellness Center for UMD employees, spouses/same-sex domestic partners, and dependent children.

Health Happy Holidays
Tue, 12/9
Kirby 355-357
The typical American gains 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Years. Don’t let that be you! This workshop will discuss food and nutrition techniques and tips to avoid weight gain when surrounded by food.

Note: This is part of "HIP Meeting on Tuesdays" which is FREE to UMD Faculty and Staff. Come in at 11:45 for weigh-ins.

Charlene Harkins

Funding for the workshops are provided in part by the
UPlan Wellness Program.

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