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Project Award

GROUP PROJECT: Randy Hedin and Juline A. Smith

Randy and Juline were directly involved in the planning of the Swenson Science Building. Their foresight and active participation with architects ensured that teaching labs and support spaces in many parts of the new building now function better than originally conceived. This project contributed to UMD by making it possible for the Biology department to function in the Swenson Science Building, and making it possible for the Life Science Building to be renovated.

The first part of the project entailed the move of the Biology department from the Life Science Building to the Swenson Science Building. Through the dedication and hard work of Randy and Juline, every office, teaching lab, and research lab in the Life Science Building was emptied, cleaned, and moved to the Swenson Science Building. Randy and Juline sorted everything and set up the new labs in Swenson Science Building so they would function in a usable manner for Fall Semester 2005.

The office moves had to be done over the summer and coordinated with each faculty and staff member, which was in itself a difficult undertaking, since most faculty is not on campus during the summer. The second part of their project was to empty the rooms of the Life Science Building that the Biology department retained. This required that the stockroom, the stuffed animal collection, any equipment the department wanted to keep, the Biology displays, any pictures, cabinets, blackboards, furniture – each think – needed a temporary space destination, tagged to be sold or saved. Randy and Juline did this and then moved or arranged for discard of items not intended for sale. Either of these two tasks would be difficult, but to have to accomplish both simultaneously would have been impossible without the work of Randy and Juline.

It is a pleasure to present Randy and Juline with this award.

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