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 Department of Human Resources & Equal Opportunity

Workers' Comp

Continuous Service Award

Ginger Johnson

Ginger goes ‘above and beyond’ in all areas of her job responsibilities. Due to an unforeseen circumstance within the Office of Financial Aid and Registrar, Ginger took on the role as backup for course scheduling & room scheduling. Because of her expertise this developed into her being the primary person in charge of these duties. Ginger was quick to learn everything she needed to know to perform these new duties in an exemplary manner. Many compliments were given to Ginger by faculty and department heads because of Ginger’s professionalism and customer service skills.

Ginger is an advocate for our students and will ‘go to bat’ for the students when situations warrant. She takes the initiative to research and question why a system is not working correctly especially when it comes to students and their tuition refund not being calculated correctly. She has spent countless hours figuring out what refund a student should receive and then adjust the record to reflect the correct amount. She is responsible for setting up the Third Party Contracts for internal billing and takes the lead in contacting departments for their list of students so she can get the contracts set up. This results in the initial bills reflecting the correct information for the students. Ginger has worked closely with the head of the Orientation Committee to try to streamline the behind the scenes departments’ processes. This includes trying to streamline the process for the students who will be completing the registration process using a proxy. By doing this, it ensures that the student’s record is ready for the collegiate units to process the registration, which is a timesaver for the units.

Ginger is a dedicated employee who is deserving of this award.

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