Student Broadbanding Job Family Titles and Numbers


Job Family Title:                        Arts and Communication

Job Family Number:                         270


Positions dealing with subjects other than sciences that require sensitive understanding and relationships. This family usually deals with surface work related to artistic endeavors and communication activities.


Job Family Title:                        Business and Finance

Job Family Number:                         271


Positions dealing with administrative and financial matters. This family usually deals with the management of business, public affairs, and/or money affairs and resources.


Job Family Title:                        Information Technology

Job Family Number:                         272


Positions dealing with information technology including computer hardware, software, networks, internet, or related technology. This family usually deals with supporting users, creating documentation, programming.


Job Family Title:                        Restaurant and Food Services

Job Family Number:                         273


Positions dealing with food, food products, and food service areas. This family usually includes planning, preparing, serving, and clean‑up of food and beverages.


Job Family Title:                        Science and Engineering

Job Family Number:                         274


Positions dealing with knowledge and application of science, methods, substances, life, and natural laws. This family usually includes laboratory, engineering, agriculture, architecture or related fields.


Job Family Title:                        Health and Social Science

Job Family Number:                         275


Positions dealing with health, society, and social relations of individuals and programs. This family usually includes hospital and medical staff, therapists, pharmacists, child care workers.


Job Family Title:                        Law and Safety

Job Family Number:                         276


Positions dealing with the law and safety of others. This family usually includes monitoring, educating, and enforcing law and safety practices and policies.




Student Broadbanding Job Family Titles and Numbers (continued)


Job Family Title:                        Student Support Services

Job Family Number:                         277


Positions dealing with advising, guiding, supervising, enforcing, and counseling of students and /or student activities. This family usually works as program leaders, counselors, resident advisors.


Job Family Title:                        Clerical and Administrative Support

Job Family Number:                         278


Positions dealing with clerical and office duties. This family usually handles day to day or routine tasks such as reception, customer service, data entry, word‑processing, report generation.


Job Family Title:                        Labor and Custodial

Job Family Number:                         279


Positions involving general labor, cleaning, use of farm equipment, work with plants and animals and building and grounds related tasks. This family usually deals with grounds work, equipment operation, and event set‑up.


Job Family Tide:                        Recreation and Fitness

Job Family Number:                         280


Positions dealing with recreational activities, sports, and fitness. This family usually involves activities such as educating, monitoring, tracking, and advising in sports, fitness, and/or recreation.