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Q. Can students have both college work-study and miscellaneous employment?

A. Yes, however the Office of Student Employment does not recommend this. Departments are responsible for monitoring. Students cannot work more than 40 hours a week.

Q. What is UROP?

A. Undergraduate Research Opportunity Program (UROP) is not based on need. Students awarded UROP can have this included with college work-study award, or it will be reported as income. Individual departments award UROP. It is usually a $1000 stipend; Social Security is withheld.

Departments granting UROPs who wish to find out if the recipient is college work-study eligible should direct these students to the Student Assistance Center, 21 Solon Campus Center.

Q. Can students have more than one college work-study position?

A. Yes, however, the total work-study award must be split between the two departments, and the student must receive a second work referral. Students cannot work more than 40 hours a week between the two departments, and the two departments should be in contact with each other. Students should be directed to the Student Assistance Center, 21 Solon Campus Center.

Q. Where do students pick up their paychecks?

A. From their respective departments. However, students have been encouraged to do direct deposit. They should view this on ("My One Stop").

Q. What are the work limitations for the student employees?

A. Federal and State regulations state that college work-study students may never work more than 40 hours per week. Institutional Policy states that student employees may never work more than 40 hours per week.

Federal and State regulations as well as Institutional Policy state that students cannot work during scheduled class period, we recommend that hiring departments ask students to bring a copy of their course registration when setting up their work schedule.

Q. If a student is unable to work during a scheduled time, who is responsible to find a replacement?

A. The supervisor.

Q. How long does a job have to be posted?

A. Jobs must be posted for three days for each position, or five applicants, whichever comes first. Postings may be waived in a rehire situation only if the former employee returns to the same job and department within the same semester of enrollment.

Other requests for waivers should be directed to the Director of Student Employment.

Q. What do you do if a student loses his or her paycheck?

A. Contact your payroll representative.

Q. If we want to hire a student for a special project not involving many hours, what's the best procedure?

A. The best procedure is to hire the individual as a Temporary/Casual appointment using job code 0001 (Part-time less than 35%)..

Q. How long are the work referrals issued?

A. Work Referrals are generally issued for a two-week period. If the permit is older than two weeks, please check with the Office of Students Financial Aid before signing to make sure student still has an award.

Q. Why would the work-study award be adjusted?

A. A student's college work-study award may be adjusted for a number of reasons:

  1. Student drops credits. Example: student indicated he or she would be taking 12 credits, and ends up taking 11. Budget would be adjusted from full-time attendance to three-quarter-time attendance. This adjustment may cause a reduction in college work-study and/or other aid.
  2. Student decides he or she will not be attending for the full academic year. Again, budget would be adjusted based on the number of semesters attended, which may lead to a reduction in college work-study and/or other aid.
  3. Student receives an outside scholarship that was not originally reported.
  4. Student becomes academically ineligible.
  5. Student requests it.
  6. Department requests it.
  • In all cases, both the student and department are notified of any changes in the original awards.

Q. How are salary ranges determined?

A. The hiring authority decides salary ranges with guidelines by UMD Department of Human Resources and Equal Opportunity and Student Employment. This allows flexibility to establish position pay rate within job families; transfer control and accountability to hiring authority and provide maximum flexibility in giving salary increases to recognize merit, market or other compensable factors.

Q. How should student employees be treated?

A. Explain clearly (preferably in writing to each student employee the work to be done, the standards of performance, and other criteria of acceptable employment such as punctuality, absence, dress, etc.

Provide them with regular performance reviews/feedback, classify work responsibilities appropriately. Have knowledge of the policies and procedures governing student employees. Provide copy of work rules.

Q. How is overtime compensated?

A. Overtime is the time worked in excess of 40 hours per workweek .

Q. Are student employees eligible for military leave pay?

A. EXCEPT for College Work-Study employees, student employees shall be granted a paid leave of absence for required service in the National Guard or Military reserve up to a maximum of 15 workdays in a calendar year. Paid military leave shall cover only those hours the student employee is regularly scheduled to work or, should hours be scheduled irregularly, the average number of hours the student has worked per week for the 10 weeks preceding the leave of absence.

Note: Federal and State college work-study regulations do not permit payment for time not actually worked. Students employed under the College Work-Study Program must, however, be granted an unpaid leave of absence for military service described in the above paragraph, up to, but not beyond the period of financial aid eligibility within the fiscal year.

Q. How do we handle Absence Without Leave for student employees?

A. When a student employee is absent from work without authorization, such absence shall be grounds for disciplinary action. A student employee absent without authorization for three consecutive work days on which the employee is scheduled to work shall be considered as having resigned.

However, a person may subsequently apply for a retroactive leave of absence to cover the unauthorized time off. The supervisor may grant such a request.

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