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Temporary Office Service ( TOS)

Terms and Conditions
Frequenty Asked Questions for TOS Employees

Revised: January 18, 2013

Q1. What is the purpose of TOS?

A. TOS (Temporary Office Service) is UMD's own temporary help agency whose primary purpose is to provide UMD departments with dependable, skilled employees to meet their temporary help needs on short notice.

Q2. Am I considered a union employee?

A. Only after you have worked 67 work days in a calendar year, you will be covered by AFSCME Council 6 and union dues will be deducted until the last pay period in December. Your salary will be adjusted to Step 1 of AFSCME Job Code 1811. Beginning in January of the following year, you will be classified as a non-bargaining employee with Job Code of 0001 so there will be no union dues taken. Your salary will be adjusted back to the 0001 Job Code.

Q3. Am I paid during holidays?

A. TOS employees are not paid during holidays, unless they work on a holiday.

Q4. What is the salary rate and how do I get paid?

A. The TOS Coordinator will discuss the salary rate with you during orientation. Payroll is paid bi-weekly. A copy of the timesheet and bi-weekly payroll schedule will be provided to you during orientation. It is your responsibility to turn-in your timesheet on the last day of the pay period in order to get paid in a timely manner. TOS rates are available online at:

Q5. Am I entitled to any benefits?

A. TOS employees are hired on a temporary, non-scheduled, intermittent basis and are not eligible for vacation and sick leave benefits, medical/dental insurance, or Regents' Scholarship privileges. TOS employees are covered by Social Security, and appropriate deductions will be made from paychecks. They are also covered by MSRS (the Minnesota State Retirement System) after working 67 work days in each calendar year.

Q6. What is the minimum number of hours I am required to work in one day?

A. Usually four. However, you may be asked to work less than four hours if your assignment is for a long period of time and the department needs a TOS to work for less than four hours per day. If the assignment is for two days or less, the department must pay for a minimum of four hours each day.

Q7. What is the maximum number of hours I can work in a week?

A. You can work for a maximum of 40 hours per week. If you are required to work more than 40 hours, the overtime pay rate will apply for those hours over 40. Overtime hours will need to be approved by the department. If you are assigned to work for more than one department, make sure that you keep track of your hours not to go over 40 hours a week.

Q8. How much time is given to me when I am called for an assignment?

A. We require departments to give us at least 24 hours notice. Most departments give a week or more notice.

Q9. Can I refuse an assignment?

A. We expect you to accept an assignment given to you. Acceptable reasons to refuse an assignment are for a family or medical emergency.

Q10. Do I need to be available for assignment at all times?

A. Yes. You are expected to be available for an assignment when called. If you will not be available for a short period of time (due to vacation, medical or family reasons, or temporary employment off-campus) up to a maximum of one month, you must inform the TOS Coordinator.

You are also required to advise the TOS Coordinator on or before the end of one month whether you will be available for assignments again. If you do not contact the TOS Coordinator, it will be assumed that you are no longer interested and your TOS appointment will be terminated.

Q11. Am I required to advise the TOS Coordinator that I have accepted an off-campus job?

A. Yes. It is a requirement that you advice the TOS coordinator. Failure to advice the TOS Coordinator can be a cause to put you on an inactive status, if known, and after one month, if you have not adviced the TOS Coordinator of your availability for a TOS assignment, you will be terminated.

Q12. If I accept an off-campus job longer than one month, can I still be on TOS?

A. You can still be on TOS if you are available for TOS assignments a minimum of 16 hours a week. You will be required to advise the TOS Coordinator of the time and days of the week you are available for an assignment. If you do not make arrangements with the TOS Coordinator, we will assume that you are no longer interested to be on the TOS pool and will be terminated.

Q13. Can I request to not finish an assignment?

A. Not usually. However, acceptable reasons would be a family emergency, job offer outside TOS, medical condition or certain work conditions.

Q14. If I accept an employment and would like to resign from TOS, how many days notice am I required to give?

A. If you are not on an assignment, you can be terminated as soon as notice is given. If you are on an assignment, two weeks notice to the department and TOS Coordinator are required, or on a special arrangement with the department.

Q15. Can TOS employees choose what assignments to accept?

A. No. Assignments are normally given to available TOS employees based on the skills and qualifications listed on their application forms and who, therefore, are expected to accept the assignments. Continued refusal of appropriate assignments will result in an employee being terminated.

Q16. If I am working on an assignment, am I guaranteed to be hired if the job is posted?

A. No.

Q17. If I accept a temporary full time appointment for six months or less with UMD, can I still be on TOS?

A. Yes, you will be considered inactive for six months. However, if your appointment is extended beyond six months, you will be terminated from TOS.

Q18. Can I be rehired as a TOS employee?

A. You can re-apply when a job opening occurs. No guarantee can be made, however, of rehire.

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