White Supremacists coming to Duluth – Responding with Constructive Resistance


The UMD Diversity Commission invite you to participate in a constructive response that helps us build the fair and inclusive community we envision.

On March 3rd, 2012, The Supreme White Alliance (SWA) plans to hold a “White Pride” Rally in Duluth. The SWA is promoting extreme racist ideology in reaction to Duluth’s Unfair Campaign, an anti-racism campaign that is backed by 15 local partners, including UMD.

The rally is scheduled to begin at 10am and could last as long as three hours. 20 to 100 people are expected to arrive in Duluth, most from outside of the area, some coming from as far away as Arizona and New Mexico.

The term “white pride” is not actually used by the SWA to denote an actual feeling of pride in being white, but rather as a false justification for systematic verbal and physical violence directed at people of color.

In contrast, many local community members are organizing events that affirm racial justice and raise awareness about racism and white privilege. As part of this effort, The UMD Diversity Commission is taking pledges to raise money for scholarships benefiting the Multicultural Center at UMD.

We are asking that people pledge to give money for every minute the rally continues. The longer they stay, the more we raise! get a copy of the pledge sheet to share with your colleagues, classes, churches, friends and neighbors contact Shelley Smith.

You can also choose to make a one- time gift to this same scholarship fund by clicking on the following link: www.d.umn.edu/development/diversity.html.

Through the media and internet, we will make sure the SWA is aware of this fund raising activity. As a result, when they come to Duluth, they will need to decide whether to rally all afternoon and make money for our cause, or to pack up and go home.

The SWA is opposed to the Unfair Campaign and its mission “to raise awareness about white privilege in our community, provide resources for understanding and action, and facilitate dialogue and partnership that results in fundamental, systemic change towards racial justice,” and is using the campaign as an opportunity to spread their message of white supremacy and hate.

In response, we believe this pledge drive sends the message that we will not condone hatred directed towards anyone in our community, nor will we stand idly by so that they might construe our inaction as complicit agreement with their message.

Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns.

We invite you to join us in creating a just, fair, compassionate and inclusive campus and community.