UMD Commission on Equity, Race, & Ethnicity

Formerly known as the UMD Diversity Commission

UMD CERE Mission Statement

The Commission on Equity Race & Ethnicity (CERE) works to create an equitable campus community for people of all racial, ethnic, and intersecting identities through education and institutional change.

Summit on Equity, Diversity, and Multiculturalism

2016 UMD Summit on Equity, Diversity, and Multiculturalism: Connecting Through Dialogue
Wednesday, February 24th, 2016

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The Commission on Equity Race and Ethnicity seeks proposals from UMD faculty, students, staff, administration, and interested community organizations for meaningful and interactive workshops, presentations, lectures and other educational formats that address diverse racial, ethnic and sovereign nations.

All proposals must be submitted before January 30th.

Submit a proposal

For questions please contact CERE Co-Chairs Julie Kim at, 218-726-7913 or Kaohlee Vue at, 218-726-6335.