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 How Did You Come To Be Here?

The United States of America

How did this country come to be home for so many? We know people came. Some were already here, some came by choice, some out of desperation, some fleeing tyranny, and others were brought by force. The sheer number of people from diverse places and backgrounds who entered this country from her shores and borders have helped shaped and defined this country in all it's stunning natural and human diversity.

Today, we are at a philosophical crossroads that could define the United States for generations to come. Conversations, discussions and arguments about who is or is not an citizen, whose rights should be upheld, whose rights should be denied, and who gets to decide are occurring all around us. This is not the first time we have struggled with these topics, and this will not be the last. So, let the conversation happen. Participate in it and respectfully speak your piece.

This project reminds us that knowing who we want to be going forward means knowing who we are now, and how we all came to be here. Share your story with others by chronicling you and your family's journey to and in this country. How Did You Come to Be Here is about revisiting and celebrating our roots, our core through sharing our stories.

Land of Plenty
Students outdoors holding signs saying: How did you come to be here?

Audio Stories with Transcripts

Special thanks to KUMD for providing the audio. Note: for browsers other than Firefox, you will need to stop the audio before you move to the next slide.

How Did You Come To Be Here: Stories

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