Transfer Admission Policies

A Transfer Student is one who has graduated from high school and has previously matriculated at another post-secondary education institution.

Students with more than 25 credits of previous college work, including credits now in progress, are admitted with advanced standing if they have: a) a GPA of at least 2.0 in their previous college work, and b) successfully completed at least 75 percent of all college work attempted and c) completed the following high school preparation requirements in high school or during previously completed college coursework:

    • THREE YEARS OF MATHEMATICS (Algebra, Intermediate Algebra, & Geometry)*

ACT or SAT scores may be required of students who have completed fewer than 26 transferable credits. Transfer students with fewer than 26 credits will be individually reviewed and evaluated upon high school and college performance.  Students seeking exceptions to admission requirements must petition the appropriate school or college.  Petition forms are enclosed with letters of denial for students who are eligible to appeal. 

Transfer students who have completed an associate of arts or baccalaureate degree at another accredited college or university are exempt from UMD's liberal education requirements.

Students applying for admission to Labovitz School of Business and Economics as advanced standing students with more than 20 attempted credits must also have at least a 2.0 GPA for work attempted at other institutions in accounting, business, economics, finance and management information sciences. 

Students applying for admission to the online psychology major must have completed an associate of arts degree or the Minnesota Transfer Curriculum (MnTC).

Transfer students are advised that courses with less than C grades may not be used to satisfy some UMD degree program requirements.  Complete information about course transfer is available online.

*Students who graduated from high school before 1987 are not expected to meet these requirements.

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