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 UMD Students Raise Money for Earthquake Victims

A Kirby Student Center Booth will be Staffed for Weeks

On the morning of October 8, 2005, an earthquake struck close to Muzzafarabad in Pakistan (Kashmir), causing utter devastation throughout the region. The earthquake registered 7.6, with an epicentre approximately 80 km north-east of Islamabad, Pakistan. The quake was felt also in northern India and parts of Afghanistan. Funds to assist the victims are being raised by the UMD International Club, led by 12 students from Karachi, Pakistan. Syed Ali Raza, senior management information system major, is one of the leaders of the effort.
Below: UMD student Syed Ali Raza staffs a table in the Kirby Student Center.

As of Oct 19, 2005 the AP estimates the death toll at more than 79,000 — making the quake one of the deadliest in modern times.The number of dead, injured and homeless continues to rise, as many areas affected by the region have yet to be reached. More than 60,000 people have been injured, and 4.5 million people have been left homeless. "I've visited these mountainous areas. The cities are built right on the cliffs," Raza said. More than 80% of the village of Muzaffarabad has been destroyed, and many other villages have been completely wiped out.

"The UMD students from Pakistan all contacted their families after the quake," said Raza. "Luckily, our families are all safe, but we are concerned. My father's colleague still doesn't know if his wife and children are alive. They were living in a10-story apartment building in Islamabad. The building collapsed during the earthquake."

As heart-wrenching stories and photographs emerge in the aftermath of the earthquake in Pakistan, many at UMD want to help. Students are raising money at a booth located in Kirby Student Center First Floor (outside the Bookstore) from 9 am - 3 pm on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays through Friday, November 11.

The UMD students are raising money for the Edhi Foundation, Pakistan's well-respected and largest privately run relief organization which employs 5,000 fulltime staff and 40,000 volunteers. The Edhi Foundation runs a missing persons service, public kitchens, a field ambulance service, blood banks, and emergency care centers.

Donations can also be made to the UMD International Club. For more information contact Hasan Khan at or Syed Ali Raza at 218-831-5981 or
For the latest news on the earthquake.

Cheryl Reitan, Publications Director,
NEW RELEASES, UMD media contact, Susan Latto,, 218-726-8830

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