China Conference on Speech Therapy

First China International Conference

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UMD representatives, colleagues, and family

The First China International Conference on Speech Therapy, co-hosted by the University of Minnesota Duluth (UMD) brought together speech-language pathologists, and related clinical rehabilitation professionals in Beijing, April 7-9, 2007. The theme “clinical applications” permeated 24 presentations from 22 institutions, representing China, Hong Kong, Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the United States. Attendees exchanged current information about the diagnosis and the treatment of speech, hearing, language, and swallowing disorders. The co-sponsors of the conferences, the Chinese Medical Doctor Association and the Beijing Rehabilitation Medical Association, along with UMD, have agreed to hold a second conference in 2009.

Five faculty members and five graduate students from UMD made presentations at the conference.

Representing UMD at the event were: Paul Deputy, dean of the College of Education and Human Service Professions; Mark Mizuko, professor and head, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders; Lynette Carlson, associate professor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders; Jolene Hyppa-Martin, instructor, Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders; Lynne Bye, associate professor, Department of Social Work. Former faculty member Amy Merideth also attended.

The five UMD graduate students taking part in the conference were Amanda Stearns, Tara Watterson, Colette Murphy, Jill Muecke and Kathryn Guerttman.

Conference attendees

The topics of the UMD presentations were:

"Eye-Gaze Communication Systems" by Mark Mizuko, Jolene Hyppa-Martin, Amanda Stearns, Tara Watterson

"Improving Communication in Skilled Nursing Facilities" by Amy Meredith, Lynn Bye, Colette Murphy and Jill Muecke

"A Model for Remediation of Speech Sound Disorders: A Perspective for the Dawn of a New Century" by Paul Deputy

"Visual Communication Strategies for Autism" by Jolene Hyppa Martin, Kathryn Guerttman; "Assessment of Right Hemisphere Disorders" by Lynette Carlson, Jolene Hyppa-Martin.

"Implementing Electropalatography in Treatment and Assessment of Speech Disorders," Amy Meredith

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