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 It is time to Clean-up!

Students support campus and neighborhood beautification

In 2007 over 65 UMD students pick up litter in the Portland Square neighborhood of Duluth.

Spring is here and everyone is excited for warm and beautiful days. However, every year when the snow melts, litter, food wrappers, pop cans and other trash are exposed. As a result, the campus is faced with cleaning up and students are participating. Several special programs are coming up in the next few weeks.

Community Clean Up
In order to get students involved in cleaning up the community, the student-run Better Neighbors program started an annual City Clean-up event. For the past three years, this event helped Duluth preserve its beauty and connect students to their neighborhoods. Last year, more than 65 students, representing sororities, students groups, the UMD women’s soccer team, and others, picked up 100 bags of garbage from the East Hillside area. According to Molly Causse, the UMD student coordinator of the event, more than 120 people already signed up for this year's event.

Beginning at 1 pm on Saturday, April 19 at Portland Square (East Fourth Street and 10th Avenue East), students will be given bags, gloves and a map of a certain area for their team to clean. At 3 pm, pizza and pop will be provided and the groups that collect the most garbage will be awarded $100 and $50. Individual prizes for "best found garbage art” as well as "object that improved the area most by being removed" will be awarded too. In the end, all the trash found will be hauled away and disposed of by the UMD Facilities Management Department. If students are interested and want to make a difference, they can contact Molly Causse at

Furniture Recyling
At the end of the semester, in another program, UMD Facilities Management encourages UMD students to participate in a neighborhood furniture pickup. From May 1-31, pickup will be available for students needing help to discard unwanted furniture or small appliances. Usable items are then donated to charities like Goodwill, homeless shelters, and other establishments. Students need to schedule pick-ups ahead of time and plan a pickup time between 8 am and 6 pm. Additionally, plastic coverings are provided to prevent damage to furniture while outside. Last year, UMD picked up the bill for the furniture disposal... to the tune of $20,000. “The point is to get rid of things properly. Items that can be reused will be recycled,” says UMD’s Building and Grounds Manager Candice Richards. Students can contact 218-726-8262 or email to make an appointment.

Every Curb is a Shoreline

“We want to encourage students to get involved in cleanup during the spring,” says Richards. "The goal is to educatate students about about why trash is a problem. It's a matter of respecting our neighbors." UMD Facilities Management Department has provided pop and pizza to many groups who offer to clean up a campus area. "When the snow melts, all of the disposed materials from the winter begin to surface, and we want to minimize that,” Richards said. “Every curb is a shoreline. Whatever falls on the ground ends up in our streams and on to Lake Superior. We are at the top of a big hill and we have the lake at the bottom.”

UMD Departments are Invited to Get Involved

Visit this web page later this spring. We will post photos of campus clean-up events. To get involved, get a group together. Then contact the Facilities Management Department for supplies (pizza and pop too) at 218-726-8262 or email

by Mariana Osorio and Tom Gadbois

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