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Daniel Oyinloye: Creativity at UMD and Beyond

Daniel Oyinloye
Daniel Oyinloye

In November 2010, Daniel Oyinloye produced I Remember, a music video about his connection with UMD.

The 2008 School of Fine Arts alumnus is employed as a freelance videographer. He works primary in Duluth and Minneapolis, filming weddings, school gatherings, music videos, and promotions. He is passionate about writing and performing music and performs all over Minnesota with his group, 2one8. The group opens for popular regional and even international artists, and it is becoming well known in the music industry.

Oyinloye was well known at UMD for the work he created for students and staff, including videos, as well as brochures and event posters. In 2008, he finished a mini-movie, Victor! The film took several years to produce and debuted at UMD to an appreciative audience. “I am proud of the movie Victor,” he said. “However, when I think of my work I always think I can do better.”

Oyinloye was actively engaged in creating a positive climate on campus. He and several students established a campus group called SPAT, Students Promoting Awareness through Teaching. The group continues to work closely with administration to be the voice of students. His involvement made UMD a safer environment for students of color. He also served as a student representative on the Black Student Association Executive Board.

Oyinloye grew up in Nigeria. In 2002, he came to the United States, with his mother and sister, and was later joined by his father and another sister. He attended South High in Minneapolis before enrolling at UMD where he graduated with a Studio Arts degree with an emphasis in Digital Arts Photography.

His career follows a natural progression from his creative production at UMD to his work as a professional videographer.

Oyinloye is passionate about writing and performing music. “I’m inspired by other musicians and by everything around me in life. I wrote a song, "Fere," about the murders in Joss, Nigeria. Rebels killed the men and raped the wives, leaving the children in crisis. There was nothing I could do about it. The only way I could express what I was feeling was through music.” While many of Oyinloye’s songs are serious, others are about having fun.

He hasn't forgotten UMD. He continues to perform for Black Student Association events as well as other campus functions. “The three videos that I’m most proud of are the music videos I Remember, Burn Yo Lighter, and the film, Victor.”

To see more of Oyinloye’s work, click the links below:

I Remember

Burn Yo Lighter

Victor (Trailer one)

Written by Brian Robertson. Edited by Cheryl Reitan

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