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 Caught in the Oil Spill

KUMD's Laura Erickson Reports Live on the Plight of Birds

Laura Erickson
The common loon (above) and the endangered piping plover are two northland birds that spend winter months along the southern coast.


Laura Erickson, host of the radio program “For the Birds,” is fighting for public awareness about the Gulf oil leak. She travels to the Gulf Coast for two weeks to lend her expertise, shed some light on the disaster, and report back to the northland.

Laura Erickson is driving her Prius along much of the gulf coast working with experts of the bird rescue mission under way. KUMD airs Laura’s reports live each morning. Monday July 26 – Friday Aug. 6, during Northland Morning. Follow along on 103.3fm KUMD and online at See Erickson's blog, where she’ll be posting daily reports and pictures. She will also be blogging for the Natural Resources Defense Council.

"The oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico has already killed far more animals than is possible to quantify—as of July 12, people have collected almost 2,000 dead oiled birds, almost 500 dead sea turtles, and 59 dead dolphins and other mammals. Many more dead wildlife have been documented but are not counted in the official numbers," Erickson said. "I’m headed down to the Gulf to see for myself what is happening to the habitat and the birds that I love. I don’t know that my heart can stand to be there more than a couple of weeks at a time, so I’ll return again on and off throughout migration, winter, spring, and next year’s breeding season."

Through Erickson's reports, KUMD will keep the Northland informed about the impact of the largest environmental disaster this century. "This catastrophe is bad enough on its own, but unlike past disasters, this one’s insidious stain seems to have seeped into the very soul of America, paralyzing us with despair and cynicism. I no longer know who to believe, so I’m headed down there to see for myself. I’m hoping against hope to prove that we Americans have not become apathetic and helpless. I’m hoping against hope that with sound information, people are willing to rise to this occasion and save our imperiled natural world once again. Apathy is not my forte. So Gulf Coast, here I come."

Laura Erickson’s “For the Birds” airs on 103.3fm KUMD every weekday at 7:30 and at 8:30 am during Northland Morning. Recorded programs from the gulf trip will also air.

CONTACT INFO: Maija Morton KUMD Program Director Office 218-726-7181.

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