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  Lawrence Johnson
Lawrence “LJ” Johnson

Lawrence Johnson, LSBE director of development, says employers around the country tell him they like to hire LSBE grads. That’s one sign that the School’s strategic efforts to offer a distinct education, including rigorous academics and real-world experience, is paying off.

“Our students have a strong work ethic,” said Johnson. “They understand they need to work their way up in an organization. We have a lot of first-generation college students who are used to earning their way.”

LSBE nurtures that work ethic through challenging, industry-relevant curriculum and faculty and staff who support students in their studies and research. But the School also relies on alums and the community to provide distinct educational experiences.

Through the School’s strong business community connections, students gain real-world industry insights from alums and business leaders. Internships and unique programs further engage students in actual business settings, giving students a taste of what life after graduation entails.

“Friends of LSBE play an important role in preparing our students for their careers,” said Johnson. “Investing in our students—whether it’s through speaking in a classroom, mentoring students, offering internships, or providing scholarships—ultimately means great recruits and a stronger workforce.”

If you would like to play a role in preparing students for a distinct career, please contact Lawrence "LJ" Johnson at (218) 726-6696 or lpjohnso@d.umn.edu.

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