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This edition is the first of Aisthesis’s new epoch, its on-line version. Launched six editions ago as a print journal highlighting the best of undergraduate Honors student work, Aisthesis now continues as an annual journal created on-line by students in the University of Minnesota Duluth Honors Program. The students who created this edition took a required course, Advanced Writing, and instead of participating in a traditional class setting, the students acted as the editorial board of the journal as they also drafted (and redrafted, and redrafted) their own submission to the journal. 

As the editorial board, students solicited contributions from undergraduate students in Honors Programs across the country, ultimately receiving submissions from about a dozen schools. Creating a call for papers, email scripts to encourage submissions, students worked through this initial phase as they also examined texts of various professional journals to better understand what a strong professional article should look like. As they wrote their own submissions, they also worked on resumes, cover letters, and professional correspondence.

When the deadline for submissions arrived, the students sent out all the submissions to reviewers they recruited for a double blind review. Additionally, each student also reviewed a minimum of one of the submissions. After thinking through the criteria for acceptance, the students arranged for letters of acceptance and of regret to be sent, then set about the design, copy editing, placement of work, and collection of biographies.

The result of what you see here: an amazing product from 15 weeks of student work.

Aisthesis in this new format will continue annually as part of the Honors Advanced Writing class. We hope you enjoy these pieces of undergraduate work and encourage undergraduate Honors students (or recently graduated Honors students) to submit in the future.

Thanks for enjoying Aisthesis.


Dr. Elizabethada A. Wright

Writing Program Administrator, University of Minnesota Duluth

Editorial Board

Bryden Gollhardt

Leah Huls

Matthew McDermott

McKenna Meyer

Bailey Murawski

Hannah Neukircher

Caitlin Pederson

Rachael Prozinski

Beth St. Amant

Kallie Quinn