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University Honors Awards

a group of university honors students

Each year University Honors recognizes outstanding students at our End of Year Banquet. Below is a list of the awards and past recipients.

Exemplary Leadership Award
The exemplary leadership award is granted to a University Honor student who has extensive leadership qualities and who has shown a record of engaging change on campus and off.  

Rachel Halgren, 2014
Patricia Oyaas, 2015
Katie Moret, 2016
Kallie Quinn, 2017
Maria Jose Tapia Nieto, 2018

Exemplary Service Award
The Exemplary Service Award is granted to a University Honor student for going above and beyond the call in terms of service to the campus and community in the last year.  

Brooke Neuroth, 2014
Julia Sieling, 2015
Kallie Quinn, 2016
Angela Cowles, 2017
Sydney Karels, 2018

Dedication to Honors
The Dedication to Honors Award is identified by UHSA and is granted to a University Honor student for distinguishable commitment to the program through their involvement and attendance at events and meetings.

Sydeny Arens, 2014
Allison Krueger, 2015
Sarah Dettle, 2016
Samantha Mazurek, 2017
Anna Jensen, 2018

University Honors Excellence Award
The University Honors Excellence Award is granted to the UH student who best embodies the full mission of UH. This is a student who has leadership qualities, who embraces the research, service, and cultural missions of UH.

Glen Ridlon, 2014
Kevin Hughes, 2015
Meghan Osterbauer, 2016
Jessa Warner, 2017
Allison Krueger, 2018