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University Honors Courses 

University Honors students can complete their UH course enrollment one of two ways:

  1. Complete one UH course per year.

  2. Complete two UH courses in either the first (freshman) or second (sophomore) years. If a student chooses this option, they can combine the remaining two UH courses in any way that works; however, it is not an option to complete two courses a second time.

In summary, students must take at least one class freshman and sophomore year. Below is an outline that displays five UH course completion options:

Year in SchoolOption 1Option 2Option 3Option 4Option 5

Fall 2018 UH Courses

ECH 2025 (section 550) Educating the Human Brain 
Dr. Molly Harney 
LE Social Sciences 
T & R 11-1150

This 16-week seminar series will be offered partially off campus at the Steve O’Neil Apartments. Students enrolled in the University Honors Program will partner with community members who are living in the Steve O’Neil Apartments as a community to explore how biology, relationships, and environments impact early brain development and subsequent long-term health and wellbeing. Current research in the areas of early brain development and the biological underpinnings of emotional and cognitive development will be explored. Developmental impacts from early attachment relationships, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), and social policy will also be addressed. 

HON 3595 The Metaphysics of Space and Time 
Dr. Robert Schroer
LE Humanities
MWF 9 - 9:50 AM

This class will explore a variety of foundational questions about the nature of space and time, including: Is time a human construct?  Was there a first moment of time? Is time travel possible?  Could there be more than 3 dimensions to space? Although students with an interest in Philosophy or Physics are welcome, a background in neither is necessary for participation.   

MU 1003 From Beethoven to the Beatles 
Dr. Thomas Wegren
LE Fine Arts  
M, W, F 1-1:50pm 

Beethoven to the Beatles develops basic musicianship, enhances artistic expressive awareness, provides historical and cross-cultural contexts, and encourages creative and analytical thinking through written expression. World-music perspectives are presented with live piano performances. Music can only be really alive when there are listeners who are really aware. Learning how to listen to and what to listen for in music is vital to artistic growth. Aaron Copland, the Dean of American Composers, said: “To listen intently, to listen consciously, to listen with one’s whole intelligence is the least we can do in furtherance of an art that is one of the glories of mankind.
Comm 3535 Intercultural Communication   

**this section is open to incoming UH freshmen only

Dr. Ryan Goei
LE Cultural Diversity in the US  
T & R, 6-940pm 

Intercultural Communication is an extremely popular and rewarding class opportunity for UH students. Intercultural Communication is a very unique class. There are no textbooks. It is an applied class in which students engage with each other, a culturally diverse group of classmates, to learn about individuals and their experience with culture and communication here in the US and around the world. The class is based on the notion that to understand people and culture one must start by getting to know the person. As such the class requirements are almost exclusively relational in nature. You will be engaging in and writing about out-of-class "dates" with classmates from other cultures and will be participating in several class activities and trips (including two all day Saturday trips September 3 & 10) to spend some time together building friendships. In the past these relationship-building class activities have included picnics, canoeing, swimming, camping, roller-skating, competitions, and dining out, amongst others. Students leave this class with an immensely personal understanding of humans and how culture affects their lives and views. They also often leave the class with lifelong friends, friends from various cultures both within the US and around the globe.