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About Us

We like to tell stories. We like to show off our awesome campus. We like to make meaningful connections. But most of all, we love our students and UMD.

University Marketing and Public Relations is responsible for communicating, managing, and leveraging the UMD brand across campus and in the community. Our department works with colleges, schools, departments, and units throughout UMD. We also work closely with our colleagues across the University of Minnesota system.  

We oversee three primary areas for UMD:

  1. Public relations and communication
  2. Marketing and branding
  3. Government and community relations

If you would like to work with us or seek our input, please complete our project request form.

Project Request

We offer support in news, websites, marketing, design, photography, videography, and social media. We can also edit pieces that you have written. If you need assistance, tell us about your project.

Brand Review

To ensure that all UMD units are presenting consistent logos, colors, typefaces, and boilerplate information, we’ve developed specific brand standards. These standards serve as a guide when you are using the logo, Champ image or creating printed materials/digital content distributed to an external audience.

The University requires units to submit their items to UMPR for brand review via email at umdnews@d.umn.edu.