Marketing and Branding

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UMPR provides strategic leadership over the UMD brand, but we all help influence and leverage it. Visit the UMD brand website for complete information on positioning, standards, resources, and more.

To ensure that all UMD units are presenting consistent logos, colors, typefaces, and boilerplate information, we’ve developed specific brand standards. These standards serve as a guide when you are using the Champ image or creating printed materials/digital content distributed to an external audience.

In addition, the University requires units to submit their items to UMPR for brand review via email at

Real Connections Campaign

It’s easy to be drawn to a place of expansive beauty like Duluth. But attending the University of Minnesota Duluth can be equally inspirational. Here, students have an opportunity to make real connections to other students and faculty, the environment and ultimately to themselves. These connections are driven by a philosophy of shared passion that immerses them in hands-on experiences and intellectually binds them to this amazing place for the rest of their lives.

Learn more about our Real Connections campaign.


We can help you develop a marketing strategy with a mix of options to help you engage your target audience.

Print Design

We work on print projects that align with the UMD Strategic Plan, enrollment goals, and/or donor relations. We are not able to work on all campus print projects from start to finish. However, we can offer you guidance, review pieces, and make recommendations. This includes layout, branding guidelines, visuals, text, paper selection, overage needs, and print pricing.

We can also provide you with contact information for graphic designers, writers, and printers. Please note that projects often require anywhere from six to ten weeks turnaround time.


Images are a vital component of communication. We maintain a photo library on Flickr that you can access to download photos for UMD projects.

We work with campus departments to provide photography services and resources. Requests are fulfilled based on availability. Priority is given to requests that can be used for multiple purposes and those with a focus on recruitment, fundraising, public relations, marketing, and unique projects such as publications and brochures.

Professional studio headshot photos are also available upon request. Please make requests three to four weeks in advance. You may order prints of photos from select UMD sporting events online.


We partner on projects that are aligned with the UMD Strategic Plan, enrollment goals, and/or donor relations. If your project or idea meets one or more of these goals, we’d like to hear from you.

Check out the UMD YouTube page and feel free to use the video content in your presentations, seminars, social media, and other outreach efforts.

Web Content Strategy

UMPR supports UMD’s web presence. We can help you develop new web content, improve your existing content, and make sure your site is consistent with UMD’s brand.

We can advise you on:


We offer regular training and drop-in sessions in conjunction with ITSS.

At Drupal drop-ins, UMPR and ITSS staff will:

  • Troubleshoot your site

  • Chat about feature requests and alternative solutions

  • Help you locate documentation and resources

  • Assess your needs and schedule more in-depth training or support

  • Discuss optimizing your site