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 Assessment of Student Learning


International Studies B.A. Outcomes


The Mission of the Department of Political Science includes teaching, research, and service on all aspects of politics and political science. The Department strives to provide high quality teaching to prepare future political scientists and analysts and to prepare students for lives of active citizenship in an increasingly interconnected and culturally diverse world. To these ends the Department offers both a major and a minor in Political Science and contributes to the university’s programs in liberal education and international studies. The Department also strives to produce first-rate pure and applied research generating new knowledge on, and better understandings of, all aspects of politics and political science and, where appropriate, puts its expertise at the service of the University and the community at large.

Programmatic Learning Outcomes

The International Studies Program has identified the following three learning outcomes for students in its undergraduate program. These include: a cognitive outcome –what we expect our students to know; and two behavioral outcomes –what we expect our students to be able to do as International Studies graduates.


Cognitive Outcomes

  1. Graduates will understand the main theories, concepts and ideas associated with international studies and the thematic and regional subfields within it


(UMD outcome 1: Demonstrate competence in a major field.  (Knowledge)).

Behavioral Outcomes

  1. Graduates will be able to demonstrate skill in writing and speaking about international ideas, issues, arguments and problems by clear and logically organized expression, by knowledge and use of relevant research sources, and by developing and defending an argument while considering objections to it


(UMD outcome 6: Communicate effectively through writing, speaking, interpersonal and group interactions (Relationships)).

  1. Graduates will be able to demonstrate skill in identifying international studies pure and applied research problems, both locally and internationally, and applying appropriate techniques for their investigation


(UMD outcome 3: Think critically and creatively in seeking solutions to practical and theoretical problems (Thinking)).

(UMD outcome 7: Apply understanding of cultural differences in diverse environments (Social Responsibility)).

(UMD Outcome 8: Contribute to local, national and global communities in which they live (Social Responsibility)).


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