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 Assessment of Student Learning

Psychology B.A.Sc. Program Outcomes


Departmental Goals: Upon graduation students will be able to:           

Cognitive Outcomes

1. Describe and explain the theories and the content of psychological science. (UMD Goals: Knowledge)

2. Understand research methods in psychology, design and conduct a psychological study, conduct data analyses, write a research report, and interpret findings from psychological research. (UMD Goals: Thinking, Knowledge)

Behavioral Outcomes

3. Communicate and apply psychological principles to personal, social, and organizational issues. (UMD Goals:  Thinking, Relationships)

4. Use technology to seek and choose relevant psychological literature and use appropriate software to communicate psychological knowledge. (UMD Goals: Knowledge, Life Skills)

Affective Outcomes

5. Use discipline-based professional ethics, values and psychological principles to seek solutions to practical and theoretical problems in a socio-culturally and internationally diverse world. (UMD Goals: Social Responsibility, Life Skills, Self-Realization)

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