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 Assessment of Student Learning


Women's Studies B.A. Program Outcomes


1. Apply knowledge of women's experience, roles, and contributions historically and in present time within local, global, political, social and economic contexts, and understand major concepts in the discipline of Women's Studies

2. Understand, articulate, and apply knowledge of feminist theory, epistemologies, and ethics in the discipline of Women's Studies, and apply knowledge of feminist theory, epistemologies, and ethics.

3. Demonstrate cultural competence by , applying knowledge of identity politics and location in terms of gender, race, class, age, ability, sexual orientation, religion, ethnicity, and nationality in interpreting personal life and a sharpened recognition and celebration of human diversity.

4. Formulate relevant questions for research and inquiry in the field of Women's Studies and apply appropriate research methodologies for their investigation.

5. Demonstrate effective skills in written, as well as oral and media communication.

6. Critically analyze material with regard to the strengths and weaknesses of supporting reasoning and evidence. Recognize assumptions, standpoints, biases, and power dimensions of an argument as well as the inclusivity and/or exclusivity of the viewpoints expressed.

7. Exercise feminist discourse skills with individuals and groups. Clearly represent and understand one's own standpoint while making room for the standpoints and ideas of others..

8. Contribute time, knowledge, skills to local, national, or global organizations whose work significantly impacts women and other social justice concerns.

9. Develop self-awareness of one's owns strengths, gifts and path.

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