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 Assessment of Student Learning

UMD Student Learning Outcomes


Mission Statement

The University of Minnesota Duluth integrates liberal education, research, creative activity, and public engagement and prepares students to thrive as lifelong learners and globally engaged citizens.


Student Learning Goals

UMD promotes six major student learning goals at the undergraduate level:

  • Knowledge—Knowledge acquisition, construction, integration, and application

  • Thinking—Cognitive complexity

  • Self-Realization—Intrapersonal development

  • Relationships—Relational interdependence

  • Social Responsibility—Community engagement and humanitarianism

  • Life Skills—Practical competence

Student Learning Outcomes

UMD undergraduate graduates will be able to …

  • Demonstrate competence in a major field.  (Knowledge)

  • Construct, integrate, and apply knowledge from instruction and experience.  (Knowledge)

  • Think critically and creatively in seeking solutions to practical and theoretical problems.  (Thinking)

  • Use ethical reasoning to make informed and principled choices.  (Social Responsibility and Self-Realization)

  • Demonstrate self-knowledge across a range of developmental areas.  (Self-Realization)

  • Communicate effectively through writing, speaking, and interpersonal and group interactions.  (Relationships)

  • Apply understanding of cultural differences in diverse environments.  (Social Responsibility)

  • Contribute to local, national and global communities in which they live.  (Social Responsibility)

  • Apply life skills to succeed in college and beyond.   (Life Skills)

Students will receive instruction and practice in these goal areas through the liberal education core, academic majors and minors, and student development programs.  Collectively, these academic and student development programs provide opportunities for students to attain UMD’s learning outcomes.

Program Learning Outcomes

Individual academic and student life programs have specific measurable learning outcomes that align with and contribute to campus learning goals.  Program outcomes state what students will know or be able to do as a result of participation in the program. 

Learning Outcomes Domains - This document summarizes the review of literature and best practices that informed the development of campus learning outcomes. 


Mission --> Goals --> Campus Outcomes --> Program Outcomes - this document is designed to assist faculty and staff to make connections between campus outcomes and program outcomes. 


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