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 Assessment of Student Learning

Exerpt From the CAS Professional Standards for Higher Education, 7th Edition, p, 239, Graduate and Professional Student Programs and Services (GPSPS)

The formal education of students, consisting of the curriculum and the co-curriculum, must promote student learning and development outcomes that are purposeful and holistic and that prepare students for satisfying and productive lifestyles, work, and civic participation.  The student learning and development outcome domains and their related dimensions are:

  • Knowledge acquisition, integration, construction, and application

    • Dimensions: understanding knowledge from a range of disciplines; connecting knowledge to other knowledge, ideas, and experiences; constructing knowledge; and relating knowledge to daily life

  • Cognitive complexity

    • Dimensions: critical thinking; reflective thinking; effective reasoning; and creativity

  • Intrapersonal development

    • Dimensions: realistic self-appraisal, self-understanding, and self-respect; identity development; commitment to ethics and integrity; and spiritual awareness

  • Interpersonal competence

    • Dimensions: meaningful relationships; interdependence; collaboration; and effective leadership

  • Humanitarianism and civic engagement

    • Dimensions: understanding and appreciation of cultural and human differences; social responsibility; global perspective; and sense of civic responsibility

  • Practical competence

    • Dimensions: pursuing goals; communicating effectively; technical competence; managing personal affairs; managing career development; demonstrating professionalism; maintaining health and wellness; and living a purposeful and satisfying life

Consistent with the institutional mission, GPSPS must identify relevant and desirable student learning and development outcomes from among the six domains and related dimensions.  When creating opportunities for student learning and development, GPSPS must explore possibilities for collaboration with faculty members and other colleges.


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